Port Phillip, VIC Report (Units)

2018 Q2 Forecast, Market Cycle Analysis and Suburb Ranking

Port Phillip, VIC Report (Units)



These time series graphs chart PORT-PHILLIP LGA, VIC housing market past performance. In addition, forecasts generated by our proprietary machine learning algorithm are presented. Examine the graphs and pay particular attention to good and bad signals. Areas with steady growth in median price and high volume of sales tend to yield best investment opportunities.

Good Signals

  • Overall Sales above 40/quarter
  • Suburb Level Sales above 10/quarter
  • Low Median Price Volatility

Bad Signals

  • Overall Sales under 40/quarter
  • Suburb Level Sales under 10/quarter
  • High Median Price Volatility

Graphs in this section chart the annual percent change in price. This type of graph is used to understand where an area is in its’ market cycle. Commonly a cycle lasts anywhere between 2 to 7 years. Normally neighbouring suburbs follow a similar cycle; however, counter-cycles are not uncommon. Pay attention to good and bad signals when reading this graph. Best investment opportunities present themselves just after the cycle reaches its’ trough – 7th hour on the property clock.

Good Signals

  • Red line is crossed no more than 1 time
  • Most of the graph is above the red line
  • Negative growth does not exceed -7%

Bad Signals

  • Red line is crossed more than 1 time
  • More than 20% of the graph is below the red line
  • Negative growth exceeds -7%

Suburb Ranking

This table will help you pick a suburb with highest forecasted growth. If you know your target price, type it in Max Median Price filter to exclude suburbs that are over your budget. Even though Low confidence suburbs may have higher growth rate, they are risky areas to invest in.

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Terry James

Terry is HtAG’s property investment advisor. With property investment experience that spans across two decades, Terry ensures HtAG’s service provisions match our client’s property investment needs. With intimate knowledge of Australia’s property market, attention to detail and passion for real-estate, Terry drives the relevance, value and accessibility of HtAG’s service offerings.

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    Posted at 11:13 am, February 16, 2019

    Terry, thanks for this! Especially with the explanations on good and bad signals. I was reading on the market on Port Phillip and yours has got to be one of the best layouts and user friendly interface. Oldies like me have to easily adjust to this new technology of the internet, but I’m keeping up! Would you say Port Phillip is a good place to invest in as of the moment? Or should I wait it out a little longer.

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