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Capital Growth & Yield Ranking

HtAG’s machine learning algorithm analyses the investment potential of 18 council areas in Adelaide. Localities are ranked based on projected capital growth and statistical significance of forecast (high, medium & low confidence).

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Median Price Forecasts

We use a machine-learning algorithm that learns off a combination of historical and recent — days and weeks — sales data to forecast future prices. Because we collect new sales data on a daily basis, marginal increases or decreases in sale prices serve as immediate signals for our model to adapt to new market realities.

The delay in most industry property reports is at least 3 months. In contrast to that, HtAG’s view of the market is near real-time. Here are some of the previous forecasts our model produced.

Property Market Cycles

Australian property market cycles differ across states and capital cities. Whereas most investors are aware of price cyclicity at this “low resolution” view of the market, little is known about how property cycles manifest themselves at the council and suburb level.

Because we analyse cycles at their most granular (suburb) level, our reports pinpoint areas that move out of cycle within a city or regional area. This information is of great value to any savvy investor looking for a perfect market entry timing and is very popular with entrepreneurs employing the renovate and sell strategy. Our reports also evince areas that are not subjected to negative price movement in the downturn and are great safe haven investments for the buy and hold, negative gearing and positive gearing strategists.

For example, the first chart on the right illustrates cycles in 18 Adelaide areas for the house market segment. Despite the downturn, majority of the areas remain in the positive growth region (above the horizontal 0 axis red line). Sign up to find out what all the charted areas are.

Similar to Adelaide, cyclical patterns are seen in other capital cities, with Sydney and Melbourne exhibiting strong cyclicity across all LGAs and Perth having at least 2 localised markets with opposite periodicity. Note that cycles presented here are for the house market segment. Sign up to get access to both house and unit market segment reports.

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HtAG collects property sales data continuously and, as a result, our forecast model reacts to changes in market conditions in near real-time. Our algorithm follows more than 6,392 distinct property markets and produces suburb level market cycle analysis & median price forecasts progressively as new data becomes available. Sign up today & get access to over 600 current reports that will help you discover some of the best investment locations in Q3 2019. Our subscriptions are tax deductable for existing investors.

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