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J Le
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Great tool for home buyers, property investors and real estate professionals. HtAG’s ranking tables helped me discover a perfect location for my next investment property. Couldn’t be happier with the suburb I picked. Double-digit growth guarenteed!read more
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Lorraine Paradero
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Great to work with HtAG for our property market outlooks at Vestbuild. Articles were insightful and well received by our agents. Thank you!read more

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1 thought on “Adelaide Property Market Forecasts”

  1. The Ever-Consistent Adelaide Market Set to Grow

    Adelaide has long been considered one of the most steady markets in the country. While Adelaide house prices might never really boom as we see in Sydney or Melbourne, they also don’t bust – which makes the city a very enticing proposition for investors looking for steady growth opportunities.

    In fact, according to the HtAG forecasts, the Adelaide market could see its median house price grow from where it currently sits at $555,000 to $567,000 by Q1 2022. As we can see from the history of median house prices in Adelaide, property has been a very steady investment and it appears that is set to continue going forward.

    Adelaide – Median House Price

    Based on the chart above that tracks the Adelaide median house price, there have not been any major price corrections in more than a decade. During that same period of time, other markets such as Sydney and Melbourne, grew sharply from 2014-2017, before falling away and now stagnating. Adelaide has seen consistent year on year growth and overall, is arguably one of the most robust markets in the country.

    Growth Rate Cycle – Adelaide Council Areas (LGAs)

    That said, like all markets, there are multiple smaller markets within the city and as we’ll see it is possible to find some very strong performing suburbs, that on the surface have limited downside risk thanks to a very stable city-wide housing market. While 2020 is a year that has seen considerable headwinds, those have not translated into volatility in the Adelaide property market. In fact, all the LGAs within and surrounding Adelaide have seen levels of growth that range between -1% and +5%.

    As has been the case across the country, a number of suburbs have performed well, while the inner city CBD markets have been marginally weaker. However, when we break down the last 12 months to a suburb level, we can see that there have been some incredibly strong performers.

    Gawler 5118 +17.03%

    Gawler has not only been one of the top-performing suburbs in the state and over the last 12 months, but it is also one of the best performed in the country. The median house price has risen by 17.03% to $414,000 with medium confidence. However, as we can see prices have been volatile and this can sometimes be a reflection of the total number of sales that have taken place – which was 5 in this case. It’s a similar story with the current growth cycle where we can see that prices fell away post-2017, before rebounding strongly. The analysis suggests that house prices in Gawler are currently at their peak. The data is assessed as medium confidence due to the low number of sales in the suburb. To access the latest HtAG forecasts with high confidence, subscribe on the Professional Plan.

    Sefton Park 5083 +11.88%

    Sefton Park is another one of the top-performing suburbs in Adelaide and over the last 12 months, the median house price has risen by 11.88% to $716,000 with medium confidence. While the median house price has seen dips in 2016 and 2018, the trend has generally always been higher and any falls have been opportunities to buy. In terms of the growth rate cycle, Sefton Park is assessed as being at its peak with medium confidence and will fall from current levels, but remain positive.

    Clarence Park 5083 +10.55%

    Clarence Park is another higher priced suburb in Adelaide and over the last 12 months, the median house price has risen by 10.55% to $808,000 with medium confidence, based on 5 sales. As we can see on the chart, the median house price has seen consistent growth over many years with only small falls, however, these are exacerbated by lower sales volumes. In terms of the growth cycle, Clarence Park is also at the peak of its cycle and will likely slow down in the coming 12 months according to HtAG forecasts, with a medium level of confidence. To see suburbs with strong growth potential with high confidence, subscribe on the Professional Plan.

    Adelaide’s Next Growth Suburbs

    As we’ve seen, despite the fact that Adelaide’s market is very consistent, there are still many suburbs that represent strong buying opportunities. There are currently a number of suburbs that are expected to see double-digit growth over the next two years according to HtAG forecasts.

    Maslin Beach 5170 +15.97% Forecast Growth

    Maslin Beach looks like it is getting set for a strong 24 months, with growth of 15.97% predicted with medium confidence according to HtAG forecasts, which would take the median price to $589,000. Maslin Beach has been a strong consistent suburb for a long time and it appears to be on the cusp of another growth cycle. Maslin Beach appears to be a rising market as assessed by HtAG and could see double-digit growth in 2021.

    Chandlers Hill 5159 +12.69% Forecast Growth

    Chandlers Hill has had a poor 12 months, however, that appears set to change, with growth predicted of 12.69% with medium confidence according to HtAG forecasts for the next 24 months. Chandlers Hill is assessed as being at the bottom of the market and the forecast growth could see the median price grow to $764,000 by Q3 2022.

    Norwood 5067 +9.91% Forecast Growth

    Norwood is coming off a strong 12 months and it looks like that growth could continue into next year with HtAG predicting the median house price to increase by 9.91% to $922,000 with medium confidence over the next 24 months. Over the past 12 months, Norwood has grown by 4.43% based on 13 sales and appears on track for a strong period of performance. Norwood has long been a very steady performer which mirrors the broader consistency in the Adelaide market. HtAG has assessed the Norwood market as rising with medium confidence, which indicates it could be a good time to look a little close at houses in Norwood. Norwood has barely had a year where prices grew by less than 3% in the last decade.


    As we’ve seen, Adelaide is a market that while on the surface appears slow and steady, when you dig a little deeper, presents a host of opportunities for outperformance. While many investors are concerned with world events and the state of the economy, the Adelaide housing market continues to be a good option for those seeking safety and consistent price appreciation.

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