Intro to Property Investment by a Real Estate Professional

Are you just starting your property investment journey? Or are you a one time investor looking for the next opportune moment? Either way we encourage you to listen to the YouTube playlist created specifically for those aiming to adopt a professional approach to property investment and learn from a team with proven results.

This playlist is a compilation of 4 videos by Over and Above Buyer’s Agents. The playlist is a great introduction into the growth mindset that you will need to acquire in order to achieve and maintain long-term financial success through property investing.

Video 1: The top 2% of investors in this country are spending countless hours getting their strategy together before they even consider looking at properties. They’re lining up their professional property team and having everyone work collectively to build a strategy that suits their personal situation, income, requirements and objectives. Professional investors minimise their risk profile and position themselves to be able to leverage the success of their property portfolio.

Video 2: Not all suburbs are investable suburbs. There are many critical elements to identifying a high performance investable suburb. These include government spending, population growth, employment, low vacancy rates, affordability and projected cashflow – the higher the rental yields, the greater your net cashflow position. By combining these 6 fundamental factors, you’ll position yourself amongst the top 2% of investors who invest backed by data and statistics, rather than emotion.

Video 3: The first reason most investors never reach their full potential is that they purchased the first property with no long term plan. If they have experienced negative gearing, this often paralyses the next step. Or perhaps they have never assessed how their property is truly performing to understand if there is enough equity to leverage into another asset. Planning, strategising and measuring performance are three critical factors most investors skip over and as a result, never reach their full investment potential.

Video 4: More often than we would probably like, life throws a few curve balls at us all – and it makes us question if we’re truly ready or if it’s the right time. It all comes down to mindset. It’s not always going to be the right time. It’s not always going to feel comfortable and it certainly won’t always be convenient. But this is all part of the journey of life and the longer you wait for the perfect time to get started in property investing, you will continue to realise that nothing changes if nothing changes.

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