Property Market Outlook for Casey City, Victoria

Named after the 16th Governor-General of Australia, Lord Casey, the municipality came into existence as a result of the merger between some parts of the City of Berwick, Shire of Cranbourne and the City of Knox. Being the most populous city in Victoria, Casey City has a thriving real estate market with a big demand for houses to both own and rent as well as a somewhat smaller demand for units.

Kingborough Council, Tasmania

Sample report for Kingborough Council, Tasmania. The report showcases suburb ranking, forecasts and market cycle analysis for the area as a whole as well as individual suburbs that it’s made up of. Paying members will have access to this type of reports in 400 areas Australia-wide. This report is valid as at 25 January 2019. The numbers will change once we collect new data for the area – most likely in late February 2019.

Port Phillip, VIC Report (Units)

Port Phillip has had turbulent performance in the past 5 years. This area presents clear growth and decline cycles with a minor uptrend forecast. Generally, LGAs with this type of dynamic are better suited for long-term investors. Trying to time the market would be unwise in these conditions.

Camden, NSW Report (Houses)

Camden has a clear non-volatile price trend that is commonly a good indicator of high level of confidence in the trajectory of future price movement. This area has a strong historical demand indicator for housing stock. This means that demand is likely to remain at a historical average and maintain the uptrend which in this case is a precursor of price growth. We project that this area’s median house price is expected to grow 6% in the next 2 years. This is in comparison to an average of 5 % state-wide prediction in NSW.