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The 3 Best Metrics to Determine Where to Buy an Investment Property

RCS (Relative Composite Score)™ is designed to rank markets on 3 key parameters – capital growth, cashflow and risk. The scores are updated on a monthly basis, so investors can keep up-to-date with changes in the market.

RCS™ allows us to quickly and easily understand how a property market is performing. It’s a simplified way to look at data that can be difficult to parse otherwise. A single score is more accurate than relying on multiple metrics, because it accounts for many factors via a comparison algorithm designed to handle data complexity.

The Pitfalls of Median Price: How Typical Price Provides a More Accurate Picture

Median Price is one of the most commonly reported property market metrics. All major media outlets and data providers use it to highlight real estate price levels in capital city and regional markets. In this article we will explore whether this metric is a reliable indicator to perform data-driven market research and assess suburbs for investment opportunities…