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Introduction to HtAG Property Investment Platform

How do you find the best deals on property? It can be a tough task, but with HtAG Analytics, it’s no longer a difficult process. In this post we’ll introduce you to features that help discover high ROI property markets and match them to your budget and strategy.

Supply Metrics

The Role of Building Approvals in Projecting Future Housing Supply

Building approvals are crucial numbers in the building industry and provide an insight into the trends and current state of the housing market. Understanding how …

Demand Metrics

Clearance Rates Explained

What do Auction Clearance Rates Mean for Property Buyers and Sellers?

If you’re thinking of selling your property at auction, you’ll want to know what clearance rates are and how they can affect your sale. TLDR; Clearance rates are a measure of how many properties are sold during an auction at or above the asking price in a particular market: If clearance rates are high, this means that there is high demand for property and prices are likely to be rising. If clearance rates are low, this means that there is less demand for property and prices are likely to be falling. A good clearance rate is 70% or above.

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Maximise Your Property Investment Analysis with HtAG Skill Points

Are you looking to maximize your property investment strategy with cutting edge analysis and market research? Our innovative Property Investment …

The Comprehensive Guide for Buyers’ Agents: From Finding Properties to Building Client Relationships

In the complex world of real estate, a buyers’ agent plays a pivotal role in helping clients navigate the property …

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