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Introduction to HtAG Property Investment Platform

How do you find the best deals on property? It can be a tough task, but with HtAG Analytics, it’s no longer a difficult process. In this post we’ll introduce you to features that help discover high ROI property markets and match them to your budget and strategy.

Supply Metrics

The Role of Building Approvals in Projecting Future Housing Supply

Building approvals are crucial numbers in the building industry and provide an insight into the trends and current state of the housing market. Understanding how …

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Clearance Rates Explained

What do Auction Clearance Rates Mean for Property Buyers and Sellers?

If you’re thinking of selling your property at auction, you’ll want to know what clearance rates are and how they can affect your sale. TLDR; Clearance rates are a measure of how many properties are sold during an auction at or above the asking price in a particular market: If clearance rates are high, this means that there is high demand for property and prices are likely to be rising. If clearance rates are low, this means that there is less demand for property and prices are likely to be falling. A good clearance rate is 70% or above.

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Mastering the Balance: Emotion and Logic in Property Investment Decisions

Navigating the world of property investment often feels like walking a tightrope, balancing the heart’s desires against the brain’s logic. …

Navigating Stage 3 Tax Changes: Impacts on the Property Market

Australia’s tax system is undergoing significant alterations that have caught many off-guard. The government has recently back-flipped on its promise. …

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  1. Dive into our extensive library of educational articles crafted by industry experts to level up your property investment game. From market trends and analysis to risk management and wealth-building strategies, we cover all aspects of successful data-driven real estate investing. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and maximize your investment returns.

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    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for bringing up such an insightful query.

      Indeed, net overseas migration (NoM) plays a significant role in socio-economic changes at a national and state level. At HtAG, our strength lies in delving into detailed metrics to discern market conditions at the more granular levels of Local Government Areas (LGAs) and suburbs throughout Australia.

      However, it’s important to note that NoM data at such a detailed level is not available.

      Our approach, therefore, involves employing a hierarchical method in our predictive modeling. This means we integrate insights from broader levels – including country, state, and major city data – as contextual indicators that bolster our analysis at the more specific LGA and suburb levels.

      While net overseas migration is indeed a key driver, particularly in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, its impact tends to be more nuanced when examining suburbs within these capitals. This is because the dispersion of migrants across a city’s suburbs is influenced by a variety of factors that our platform already accounts for.

      Some of these factors include employment opportunities, economic diversity, socioeconomics, and housing characteristics, among others.

      Therefore, even if precise NoM data were available for LGAs and suburbs, its direct impact might be less significant than it appears, given that our predictive models already incorporate a wide range of over 50 metrics to assess market potential at this local level. These metrics effectively capture the underlying growth scenarios that NoM would contribute to, enabling a comprehensive analysis without direct NoM data.

      In summary, while NoM is a critical macro measure for understanding growth trends, especially in larger cities, our platform’s detailed examination of a broad set of metrics ensures a thorough market analysis that supplements migration impacts with other critical factors at the local level.

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