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Assuming that you do not want to add to existing investments (chares, crypto, ETF) and also assuming your investment window will be 2 years or less, the only other option you have is to invest in property but not with a buy and hold strategy but rather one of the following two:
• Develop
• Buy and renovate
Taking the assumption of your investment window as a matter of fact, both of the above property investment strategies would be useful considering that it takes 2 years or less to develop or renovate a property. There are a couple of key things to consider here; one being your experience with these property investment strategies and the other one of location concern.
As you will be adding value to either the land you will develop (i.e building the investment on the land which could be in the form of units, townhouses or a single detached dwelling) or the house you renovate, the area you buy in should at least not loose on it median value so that the loss does not eat into the money you make from adding value.
Not to go into statistics here but it is my personal option that after all of the fees you have to pay when you sell the property you have developed/renovated, you will be in a position to make much more than 3.65%. For example, developers do not look at a site if their feasibility or back of the envelope analysis as they call it does not stack up which means that they do not consider worthy any site that does not return 20% minimum (gross that is).