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Hi Jacob,

Thank you… I must say i do agree although i feel that Covid is different to GFC because there is a larger cloud of fear and uncertainty with Covid. In any case, research is paramount and i do believe these times could potentially provide more opportunity…

What do you think – would a smart bet than be to go for the high value properties that have dropped due to the cirsis or for low value properties? Would considering the value of the property matter at all or are you juts a percentage kid of a person?

What I am saying is, since we both agree there could be opportunities now and that counter cyclical investing Is always a good strategy, should we in any case revise our strategy and move from looking at growth percentage to now focusing on the overall value of the property more so than the percentage envisioned for its growth? Looking at drops in value—we know the scale it has potential to grow to return back to its old value and this can be a safe bet strategy given the situation… What do you think?