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HI Iam TheState..

Thank you for the response. I don’t think however that you are considering my question in enough detail. Stating that there are many different markets is like saying that the sky is blue. We get that.
My question relates to focusing on discounting more than on forecasted growth. Assuming that the high value market has suffered, and assuming there is one that a person can afford, my perception is that having the ability and knowledge to find an area that has peaked considering its historical movements (this can be an area with 500k median value or an area with 1.5 mil median value) one would be able to find an area which median price has suffered more due to two interconnecting things: Covid impact and being at peak (or overvalued) previously. These areas would experience a bigger discount that other areas meaning that investing in them, not only will one take advantage of a bigger discount but will also be able to compound that with the forecasted growth when the area rebounds.
The strategy as such, for me at least, in these times would be more to find areas that have peaked a year ago and have as such suffered more than normal discount due to the current climate.