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I guess what i am thinking about is a free market approach to this initiative. The individuals regulate themselves by opting to join groups that fit their investment needs. This means that the platform would require a grouping system with each group being defined by particular parameters such as desired growth, investment outlay and amount, type of investment etc. The second part of this equation would be than once the groups and forums are established, there needs to be a search process that is done to source the type of property fitting the criteria…
Or, another way would be to already have properties fitting particular criteria listed on the platform with all-inclusive and accompanying documents required (approval, drawings etc) to build the project. Thinking about it now, this would then be a portal for developers where they ‘advertise’ their projects offering a crown funding option… This is specifically useful considering these times when a number of developers have had to pull the plug on their development due to restricted lending. However, having a portal which provides them with an opportunity for crowd funding could have saved a lot of projects.

Lets make this interesting and think how this platform would be structured and how this would work? I see value in this service..