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January 2021 v1.6.0

    • New Feature: Days on Market (DoM), Discounting, Days on Rental Market (DoRM), Vacancy Rates, Vacancies added to store reports
    • Bug Fix: Median price column was duplicated on LGA (Council Area) store reports
    • UI Tweak: Better presentation of confidence legend on GRC charts
    • Heatmaps: LGA (Council Area) and suburb shapes updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
    • Data: LGA (Council Area) to suburb correspondence updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
    • Data: LGA (Council Area) median values and forecasts are now calculated by averaging values for suburbs within the referent LGA. Suburbs with Very Low Confidence and/or poor past model performance are excluded.
    • Data: Approximately 3% of past property sales have been reassigned to new suburbs due to updated shape boundaries
    • Tweak: ML model 2.0 deployed in production environment. The new model has the following improvements:
      • Better handling of missing data resulting in additional time-series per number of bedrooms at suburb and LGA levels
      • Use of LGA timeseries as a regressor for suburb model train and test has been re-developed achieving a 25-30% improvement in confidence for suburb forecasts