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April 2021 v2.0.0

The main highlight of this release is a significant enhancement of the HtAG algorithm. Two legacy forecast modules, which have been shadowing a more performant strategic algorithm have now been decommissioned. This took place after the final testing cycle for the new module completed on the weekend of 3-4 April 2021.

  • Data: Additional historical data incorporated into WA, ACT datasets
  • Tweak: Decommissioned 2 legacy forecast modules in favour of a new forecast procedure offering lower error rate
  • Tweak: Strategic forecast module now powers Typical Price data fit and forecasts. Some suburbs downgraded to low confidence (and some temporary withheld from reports) as model undergoes additional training on new data
  • Tweak: Removed typical value smoothing previously used for City-Level Forecast and GRC Charts as the low confidence values (which are used to produce aggregate typical values alongside medium and high confidence series) now offer better data quality
  • Tweak: Removed house/unit toggle on downloadable reports as files are frequently downloaded separately and into different folders resulting in user error
  • Bug Fix: Price shown instead of Number of sales in downloadable reports for some BR series
  • Bug Fix: Count of grouping by days shown as number of sales