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      Would you consider letting your investment property out on airbnb? Has anyone done any analysis to compare yield on traditional rentals vs airbnbn? If so please do share.

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      An easy google search revealed this

      12% average with aribnbb vs 3% average traditional does not surprise me. However this kind of yield is probably only possible in areas with high volume of tourists.

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      Huh, I never really thought about how Air BnB could be such a big deal for people who are looking at investment properties. But, I imagine that adam1 is correct – if you’re investing in an area that people travel to a lot, then you’ll be a lot better off with an Air BnB than if you were in a less visited region. Think about the possibilities in the cities, though – you could really get a lot of traffic and get ahead on your investment pretty well, I would think. Has anyone tried it?

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      This is the sort of thing that I need to look into more. I read a pretty solid article on AirBnB investments in Australia, and this fellow actually put together a pretty comprehensive overview of what sort of a profit he was able to turn by making his investment property an AirBnB. I’d love to hear what you all think about this.

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