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      November 2019 v1.2.1

      • Updated to latest version of plotly library
      • Enhanced procedure for rent series generation
      • Fixed bug in bedroom level forecast procedure
      • First version of bedroom level data in ranking table
      • Overall and bedroom time-series LGA ranking tables combined
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      December 2019 v1.2.2

      • Introduced suburb level store reports
      • Bedroom filter introduced to suburb ranking tables
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      January 2020 v1.3

      • Improved navigation on LGA pages
      • Digital Store fully launched
      • New site theme to improve usability and performance
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      February 2020 v1.3.1

      • Started new v2 baseline code branch (alpha)
      • Styling updates to ranking tables
      • Free Tier Subscriptions introduced
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      March 2020 v1.3.2

      • Bug fixes in forecast LGA procedure for when limited sales data is encountered
      • Bug fixes due to geopandas upgrade
      • Homepage layout updates
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      April 2020 v1.3.3

      • Responsive changes to ranking table HTML
      • Improved JSON pre-processing in ranking tables
      • Introduced automated cycle detection logic
      • Added beta version of Market Cycle metric
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      May 2020 v1.3.4

      • Improved data clean procedure for listings
      • Improved general SQL queries for better performance
      • Cosmetic improvements to ranking table
      • Yearly subscriptions introduced
      • Updated Pricing Tables so that all features are clearly explained
      • Bug fix in automated cycle detection logic
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      June 2020 v1.4

      • Ranking Table JSON structure updated to improve performance
      • Launched Growth Rate Cycle metric (replaced Beta Market Cycle metric)
      • GRC column is now an optional toggle
      • Added “Buy Now Pay Later” option to report checkout on the store
      • Beta version of Tableau Reports available
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      July 2020 v1.4.1

      • Bug fix where some Perth LGAs did not appear on heatmap
      • Added number of rows toggle to ranking tables
      • Added invoicing feature to the account dashboard
      • Data for ~1,500 previously excluded suburbs added to ranking tables, charts, heatmaps
      • Tableau Reports out of Beta
      • Added confidence filter to Tableau Reports
      • ~30 outlier localities removed from ranking tables after improved data clean procedure
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      August 2020 v1.4.2

      • Tweak: Added confidence level to LGA and Suburb Forecast Charts
      • Tweak: Added confidence level & colour coding to LGA and Suburb GRC Charts
      • Tweak: Back-end data aggregation for Townhouse segment in preparation for next release
      • Bug Fix: Incorrect confidence assignment to Devonport, TAS LGA
      • UI Fix: Color coding for Median Price Forecast column on some store reports
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      September 2020 v1.4.3

      • Tweak: LGA (Council Area) Confidence Levels are now calculated based on the aggregated confidence of the suburbs within the LGA boundaries
      • Tweak: Changed Confidence palette for high, medium, low colour-coding to be more colour-blind friendly
      • Tweak: New historical data source incorporated into the Tasmania, NT datasets
      • Tweak: Minor cosmetic fixes to store reports
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      October 2020 v1.5.0

      • Tweak: Suburbs with no rent or sales data are now shown on LGA (Council) pages to facilitate site search
      • Tweak: Suburbs with no rental data added to downloadable reports. Rent and yield are shown as 0 values for these suburbs.
      • Tweak: Removed links to LGA (Council) pages that are yet to be created on the platform.
      • Tweak: Improved attribution of property sales to correct suburb by relying on GPS coordinates as opposed to suburb stated in the listing.
      • Bug fix: 7 suburb forecast charts plotted median prices incorrectly.
      • Bug fix: Some suburb rent forecast charts were not showing 4 and 5 bedroom series.
      • Regression fix: Unit Ranking Tables had duplicate entries for suburbs with no data.
      • Regression fix: Assigned 0% growth rate to low confidence outlier suburbs on heatmaps.
      • Regression fix: Some suburb rent forecast charts were missing forecast figures.
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      November 2020 v1.5.1

      • UI Fix: Suburbs not sorted in alphabetical order in drop-downs
      • UI Tweak: New style and navigational changes on the site
      • Tweak: ML model v2.0 in Alpha testing
      • Tweak: Back-end changes in preparation for upcoming PSMA November 2020 LGA to suburb correspondence migration
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      December 2020 v1.5.2

      • Site changes: Combined capital city and state store reports into one report with selectable options
      • Data: Additional historical sales introduced into QLD dataset
      • Tweak: ML model v2.0 in Beta testing
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      January 2021 v1.6.0

        • New Feature: Days on Market (DoM), Discounting, Days on Rental Market (DoRM), Vacancy Rates, Vacancies added to store reports
        • Bug Fix: Median price column was duplicated on LGA (Council Area) store reports
        • UI Tweak: Better presentation of confidence legend on GRC charts
        • Heatmaps: LGA (Council Area) and suburb shapes updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
        • Data: LGA (Council Area) to suburb correspondence updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
        • Data: LGA (Council Area) median values and forecasts are now calculated by averaging values for suburbs within the referent LGA. Suburbs with Very Low Confidence and/or poor past model performance are excluded.
        • Data: Approximately 3% of past property sales have been reassigned to new suburbs due to updated shape boundaries
        • Tweak: ML model 2.0 deployed in production environment. The new model has the following improvements:
          • Better handling of missing data resulting in additional time-series per number of bedrooms at suburb and LGA levels
          • Use of LGA timeseries as a regressor for suburb model train and test has been re-developed achieving a 25-30% improvement in confidence for suburb forecasts
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