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      November 2019 v1.2.1

      • Updated to latest version of plotly library
      • Enhanced procedure for rent series generation
      • Fixed bug in bedroom level forecast procedure
      • First version of bedroom level data in ranking table
      • Overall and bedroom time-series LGA ranking tables combined
    • #25729

      December 2019 v1.2.2

      • Introduced suburb level store reports
      • Bedroom filter introduced to suburb ranking tables
    • #25730

      January 2020 v1.3

      • Improved navigation on LGA pages
      • Digital Store fully launched
      • New site theme to improve usability and performance
    • #25731

      February 2020 v1.3.1

      • Started new v2 baseline code branch (alpha)
      • Styling updates to ranking tables
      • Free Tier Subscriptions introduced
    • #25732

      March 2020 v1.3.2

      • Bug fixes in forecast LGA procedure for when limited sales data is encountered
      • Bug fixes due to geopandas upgrade
      • Homepage layout updates
    • #25733

      April 2020 v1.3.3

      • Responsive changes to ranking table HTML
      • Improved JSON pre-processing in ranking tables
      • Introduced automated cycle detection logic
      • Added beta version of Market Cycle metric
    • #25734

      May 2020 v1.3.4

      • Improved data clean procedure for listings
      • Improved general SQL queries for better performance
      • Cosmetic improvements to ranking table
      • Yearly subscriptions introduced
      • Updated Pricing Tables so that all features are clearly explained
      • Bug fix in automated cycle detection logic
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      June 2020 v1.4

      • Ranking Table JSON structure updated to improve performance
      • Launched Growth Rate Cycle metric (replaced Beta Market Cycle metric)
      • GRC column is now an optional toggle
      • Added “Buy Now Pay Later” option to report checkout on the store
      • Beta version of Tableau Reports available
    • #25736

      July 2020 v1.4.1

      • Bug fix where some Perth LGAs did not appear on heatmap
      • Added number of rows toggle to ranking tables
      • Added invoicing feature to the account dashboard
      • Data for ~1,500 previously excluded suburbs added to ranking tables, charts, heatmaps
      • Tableau Reports out of Beta
      • Added confidence filter to Tableau Reports
      • ~30 outlier localities removed from ranking tables after improved data clean procedure
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      August 2020 v1.4.2

      • Tweak: Added confidence level to LGA and Suburb Forecast Charts
      • Tweak: Added confidence level & colour coding to LGA and Suburb GRC Charts
      • Tweak: Back-end data aggregation for Townhouse segment in preparation for next release
      • Bug Fix: Incorrect confidence assignment to Devonport, TAS LGA
      • UI Fix: Color coding for Median Price Forecast column on some store reports
    • #26127

      September 2020 v1.4.3

      • Tweak: LGA (Council Area) Confidence Levels are now calculated based on the aggregated confidence of the suburbs within the LGA boundaries
      • Tweak: Changed Confidence palette for high, medium, low colour-coding to be more colour-blind friendly
      • Tweak: New historical data source incorporated into the Tasmania, NT datasets
      • Tweak: Minor cosmetic fixes to store reports
    • #26392

      October 2020 v1.5.0

      • Tweak: Suburbs with no rent or sales data are now shown on LGA (Council) pages to facilitate site search
      • Tweak: Suburbs with no rental data added to downloadable reports. Rent and yield are shown as 0 values for these suburbs.
      • Tweak: Removed links to LGA (Council) pages that are yet to be created on the platform.
      • Tweak: Improved attribution of property sales to correct suburb by relying on GPS coordinates as opposed to suburb stated in the listing.
      • Bug fix: 7 suburb forecast charts plotted median prices incorrectly.
      • Bug fix: Some suburb rent forecast charts were not showing 4 and 5 bedroom series.
      • Regression fix: Unit Ranking Tables had duplicate entries for suburbs with no data.
      • Regression fix: Assigned 0% growth rate to low confidence outlier suburbs on heatmaps.
      • Regression fix: Some suburb rent forecast charts were missing forecast figures.
    • #27116

      November 2020 v1.5.1

      • UI Fix: Suburbs not sorted in alphabetical order in drop-downs
      • UI Tweak: New style and navigational changes on the site
      • Tweak: ML model v2.0 in Alpha testing
      • Tweak: Back-end changes in preparation for upcoming PSMA November 2020 LGA to suburb correspondence migration
    • #27289

      December 2020 v1.5.2

      • Site changes: Combined capital city and state store reports into one report with selectable options
      • Data: Additional historical sales introduced into QLD dataset
      • Tweak: ML model v2.0 in Beta testing
    • #27293

      January 2021 v1.6.0

        • New Feature: Days on Market (DoM), Discounting, Days on Rental Market (DoRM), Vacancy Rates, Vacancies added to store reports
        • Bug Fix: Median price column was duplicated on LGA (Council Area) store reports
        • UI Tweak: Better presentation of confidence legend on GRC charts
        • Heatmaps: LGA (Council Area) and suburb shapes updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
        • Data: LGA (Council Area) to suburb correspondence updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
        • Data: LGA (Council Area) median values and forecasts are now calculated by averaging values for suburbs within the referent LGA. Suburbs with Very Low Confidence and/or poor past model performance are excluded.
        • Data: Approximately 3% of past property sales have been reassigned to new suburbs due to updated shape boundaries
        • Tweak: ML model 2.0 deployed in production environment. The new model has the following improvements:
          • Better handling of missing data resulting in additional time-series per number of bedrooms at suburb and LGA levels
          • Use of LGA timeseries as a regressor for suburb model train and test has been re-developed achieving a 25-30% improvement in confidence for suburb forecasts
    • #27469

      February 2021 v1.6.1

      • Tweak: YoY Price and Rent change is now calculated using the percent difference between current quarter value and the value reported for the same quarter last year (yearly averages were used previously)
      • Bug Fix: Some suburb forecasts for bedroom time-series were produced using out-dated regressor data
      • New Feature: Improved store report format:
        • Capital Growth is now reported as an annual average based on 2 year price forecasts
        • Added Total RoI column (sum of cashflow yield and yearly capital growth)
        • Added Rent Increase Column (average annual increase based on 2 year rent forecasts)
        • Added Cashflow Increase Column (average annual increase based on current price and 2 year rent forecasts)
        • Added Rentals Column for current quarter
    • #27523

      March 2021 v1.6.2

      • Tweak: Downloadable reports now have optional column toggles
      • Tweak: Confidence metric is now calculated using a combined performance input for price and rent forecasts (only price was taken into account previously)
    • #27640

      April 2021 v2.0.0

      The main highlight of this release is a significant enhancement of the HtAG algorithm. Two legacy forecast modules, which have been shadowing a more performant strategic algorithm have now been decommissioned. This took place after the final testing cycle for the new module completed on the weekend of 3-4 April 2021.

      • Data: Additional historical data incorporated into WA, ACT datasets
      • Tweak: Decommissioned 2 legacy forecast modules in favour of a new forecast procedure offering lower error rate
      • Tweak: Strategic forecast module now powers Typical Price data fit and forecasts. Some suburbs downgraded to low confidence (and some temporary withheld from reports) as model undergoes additional training on new data
      • Tweak: Removed typical value smoothing previously used for City-Level Forecast and GRC Charts as the low confidence values (which are used to produce aggregate typical values alongside medium and high confidence series) now offer better data quality
      • Tweak: Removed house/unit toggle on downloadable reports as files are frequently downloaded separately and into different folders resulting in user error
      • Bug Fix: Price shown instead of Number of sales in downloadable reports for some BR series
      • Bug Fix: Count of grouping by days shown as number of sales
    • #27835

      May 2021 v2.0.1

      • Data: 8 new metrics added to all downloadable reports (as beta release)
      • Data: Added Error Rate column to all downloadable reports and the main dashboard
      • Tweak: Capital Growth and Total ROI columns are now presented as a range based on forecast confidence
      • Tweak: Main Dashboard now presents data in a format consistent with downloadable reports
      • Tweak: GRC values expanded from 4 to 8 possible positions with (-) negative growth and (+) positive growth indicators
    • #28239

      June 2021 v2.0.2

      • Data: 8 new PRO metrics released
      • Tweak: Added suburb postcodes to suburb names in ranking tables
      • Tweak: Exporting suburb data from downloadable reports also adds LGA column for easier suburb to council area referencing
    • #28926

      July 2021 v2.0.3

      • Tweak: LGA Page ranking tables now display PRO Metrics
      • Tweak: LGA Page ranking tables now display Capital Growth, RoI and Rent Increase metrics as per annum average values
      • Tweak: Added Rentals column to all ranking tables
      • Tweak: Improved load times for downloadable reports via javascript / CSS optimisation
      • Tweak: Heatmap info popups remain active after icon clicks
      • Bug Fix: Exporting data from sample reports into CSV/Excel had 2 columns missing
      • Bug Fix: N/A Displayed in Growth Rate column for some bedroom series in downloadable reports
    • #29390

      August 2021 v2.0.4

      • Tweak: Site optimisation to improve page load time
      • Bug Fix: LGA Heatmaps had broken links in some instances
    • #30372

      September 2021 v2.0.5

      • Tweak: New LGA dashboard layout for NT, TAS, WA pages
      • Tweak: Added Buy/Rent Search Index charts to new LGA page layout
      • Tweak: Added FAQ section to new LGA page layout
      • Bug Fix: UHV Ratio displayed as 0 for some areas in downloadable reports
    • #31736

      October 2021 v2.0.6

      • Tweak: New LGA dashboard layout for ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, QLD pages
      • Tweak: Further improvement to CDN caching of pages and posts on the site
      • Bug Fix: Password reset not working in some scenarios
      • Bug Fix: Broken LGA links on main page heatmap
    • #32338

      November 2021 v2.0.7

      • Data: Added IRSAD Score to Downloadable Reports
      • Data: Added Population to Downloadable Reports
      • Data: Added Hold Periods to Downloadable Reports
      • Tweak: Downloadable reports are now also available in Excel format
      • Tweak: Introduced Favourable/Unfavourable/Neutral colour coding to Excel reports
      • Tweak: R|O and U|H Metrics are now represented as percentages
      • Bug Fix: Rent Searches displayed incorrectly on some Rent Search Index charts
      • Bug Fix (Regression): Duplicate markers on main dashboard heatmap
    • #32847

      December 2021 v2.0.8

      • Tweak: Inventory is now reported in months (as opposed to quarters)
      • Tweak: Added DoM, Vacancy Rate, SoM%, Inventory to LGA page default columns
      • Tweak: Charting library updated to latest 3.8 version
    • #33434

      January 2022 v2.0.9

      • Bug Fix: UHV metric shown as 0 in some cases instead of actual values
      • Tweak: Forecasts shown as dotted line on all charts
      • Tweak: Improved load times for all chart data
    • #33884

      February 2022 v2.1.0

      • Tweak: Additional historical data (300k sales records) added to main data set
      • Tweak: Introduced dynamic scale to price and rent charts
    • #34325

      March 2022 v2.1.1

      • Tweak: Subscription upgrades are now pro-rated
      • Tweak: Cosmetic fixes on Price, Rent & Yield charts
      • Tweak: Capital city and state page layouts updated to include detailed market overview
      • Bug Fix: Year filters were resetting GRC charts to default timeline
    • #34872

      April 2022 v2.2.0

      • Tweak: PRO Metrics are now curated as monthly timeseries (as opposed to rolling quarter)
      • Tweak: Data Dictionary updated with new supply/demand thresholds due to the new data curation method
      • Tweak: LGA page layout updated with R|O, U|H, IRSAD pie charts repositioned
      • Tweak: Main page dashboard charts migrated on to the new charting library
      • Tweak: Additional 50 LGA pages created for markets with low sales activity
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