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      Hi HtAG-ians,

      Have been doing a lot of thinking in about the current elections in America and the way it will impact the world.

      What are your thoughts about the election and the potential impact it will have on our economy, specifically the property market? Also, do you think the impact will vary depending on the candidate elected

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      AvatarMark Webber

      I was hoping this topic would come up. Thanks for posting.

      What happens in America tends to always have an impact on the rest of the world and that rule is applicable in the world of politics, environmental change and of course the economy. The only question is how extensive the impact is across different countries. As such I am certain that this election will have an impact on Australia as well, to what extent we are yet to see.

      In respect to the candidates I am convinced that depending on who wins the impact will be different. While the American elections are always dramatic I feel that this particular election has two completely different views competing for the White House. The policies being pursued by Trump and Biden are fundamentally different and it will be very interesting to see who wins and which direction America heads towards.

      Very keen to see what others think.

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      AvatarIam TheState

      I don’t think which candidate is better for the economy is the right question to be asking. It is evident that both sides are prepared to do all it takes to win and that’s what scares me.

      The truth is that the americans have been at a cold civil war with each other since the last election and we are now seeing signs that it may soon turn ‘hot’. I am not sure what the trigger point will be. It is possible that it will be another BLM type of situation, a civil unrest to do with the election results, covid deaths… The list of plausible possibilities is long.

      Either way given the political and societal divisions, it looks like November will be a challenging month for the whole world. Because if the cold war turns hot, we will quickly find ourselves in a house of cards that is crumbling before our eyes. And with the world economy tied at the hip with the US, Australian property market will be the least of our worries.

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      I am not sure why everyone sees the situation in such a gloomy way. Looking at the fiscal policy of the world, irrespective of who gets elected, there has been an exorbitant influx of cash—every economy in the world is printing money. This is the primary issue, not the election. I guess, personally, the only thing that elections might bring is a restructuring of economy which will revise the long-established processes of managing economies around the world. In saying this, I think if Biden wins, it will be back to the same old model which sees banks and Wall Street benefiting. If Trump wins, I believe there will be fiscal changes which might impact the way we make money but whether it will be in a good or a bad way, it is still unknown. Overall, I think that the size of the country and the good image it has around the world will, in the long run, have very good effect on property investment.

      I think people should not worry about Trump, Biden or any other election. Juts invest boys and girls and it will all be ok. In saying this, if you loose your job and cannot service your loans, juts start all over again when you can—the value of money is not real anyway😊

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      AvatarIam TheState

      We can agree to disagree on the magnitude and the unprecedented nature of current situation. Just look at what’s happening in New York in this article. Particularly the situation with commercial real estate and exodus of people from the city.

      We are already finding ourselves in a similar situation and it will only get worse.

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      Stop the fear mongering Iam TheState. What is worse than this situation, is people feeling the situation will get worse. And it will if we continually look at everything that is wrong as opposed to finding something positive.

      For example, I have seen an increase in construction activity since onset of Covid. This means that investors have a positive outlook on the ability of people to purchase and invest otherwise they would not build.

      In saying this, team HtAG, I was wondering if you have any metric which highlights consumer confidence?

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        Hi end_of_cosmos.

        No Consumer Confidence metric at this stage. You are welcome to raise a feature request here. Please be as detailed as possible when you describe how you intend to use this feature.

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      Thank you Terry. I have just submitted a request.

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      AvatarMark Webber

      Hi Everyone

      So the final debate took place yesterday between Trump and Biden last night. What did you guys think of the debate?

      We are now only a couple of weeks away from the election. Any predictions, thoughts?

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