In these difficult times be ‘as safe as houses’

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      PK Gupta

      The fundamental purpose of residential property is the provision of shelter (for owner-occupiers and tenants). For this reason, the property asset class doesn’t posses the volatility that share markets can have.

      This is where the age-old phrase ‘as safe as houses’ originates from. Recent changes to everyone’s daily routines heightens potential for one’s mind to become muddled. It also increases the instances of irrational commentary.

      Now is the perfect time to study stoicism

      If you haven’t already hopped on the stoicism train, now is a great time to do so. One of the core tenets of stoicism is: “You can’t change what happens to you. You can only change how you react.”

      In a world where the economy is crumbling, it is going to impact your property portfolio. Things will happen to you. But you choose how you react.

      You choose if those events can beat you down… or motivate you to push harder.

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