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      I just came across this report that Corelogic offers:

      2,000 dollars for one report! That’s a rip off in my opinion. Has anyone used it, if so is it worth it?

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      Hi John,

      Haven’t used the report myself but am aware of it. I took the liberty of summarising features included in the report and compared them to current HtAG offering. I’ll let the table speak for itself.

      Note that our subscriptions start at just 19.99$ a month, and I agree with you that 2,000 dollars for a report like that is a bit too much.

      FeatureCorelogic LGA TrendsHtAG LGA Reports
      Council area, state and property type  
      Number of properties  (Visualised)
      Sales levels across month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months  (Visualised)
      Median sales price across 3 months, 6 months and 12 months  (Visualised)
      Median sales price changes across 3 months, 12 months, 3 years, and 5 years.  (Visualised)
      Annual compound growth rates for 5, 10 and 20 years  ×
      Total value of sales  ×
      Hold periods  × (On the roadmap)
      AVM insights  ×
      Listing levels  × (On the roadmap)
      Time on market and discounting levels  × (On the roadmap)
      Median rental yields, rents and rental listings  
      Median Price Forecasts  × 
      Market Cycle Analysis × 
      LGA and Suburb Capital Growth and Yield Ranking × 
      Dwelling Type Profile × 
      Heatmaps × 
      Price 2,000$ 34.99$
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        Thanks, Terry. This is very imformative.

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        Just to confirm, are these also avaiable in spreadsheet format when I sign up?

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        Hi John.

        We will be launching a store soon where the reports will be downloadable in Excel, PDF and JSON formats. Currently reports are as you see them from the free (public) plan when you sign up, but with the forecast data unmasked.

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        Just wanted to announce that the store is now live:

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      Wow! Thanks for this breakdown of what you offer here at HtAG, Terry! I’ve been trying to choose between the different types of data sites, and $19.99 a month is definitely a lot better than I’ve seen anywhere else. Are there any plans for you to add additional options and features (like those that Corelogic has) in the future? Thanks so much!

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      These resources just keep getting better and better all of the time! Corelogic is definitely one of the main products that I’ve been using to get my information, and I’ve noticed that you’re always trying to improve things. What sorts of plans do you all have for the future? Cheers!

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