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      PK Gupta

      Please think about this.

      Investing is a financial decision. The best decision structure begins with an objective analysis of 100% of the options. With Australia’s eight capital cities included, there are 185 towns with a population of 10,000 or more. Any investor who focuses on their hometown is giving themselves a 1 in 185 chance of making the best decision. Is this smart decision-marking?

      Years of experience has taught me that there are several factors that significantly influence property markets. Some are mathematical, other are qualitative.

      Stages of real estate market cycles

      While there isn’t a crystal ball mathematical model that can predict property prices… there is certainly a system that can maximise your chances of selecting the right area and property, and minimise your risk of picking the wrong area and property.

      Advanced property investors know that there are many moving parts to suburb selection, but that it all boils down to five factors:

      1) Economy
      2) Confidence
      3) Buyer Activity
      4) Property Prices
      5) Construction Activity

      Invest in your education. Don’t play roulette with the property wheel.

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