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      AvatarLisa Smith

      Is it possible to see and or view the amount of properties sold or listed in a particular suburb or district?
      I currently check on websites and make notes etc then go back the following week to check what has sold and what hasn’t, this is a time consuming way of doing it I know, and thought perhaps there may be a quicker way you know of.

      Thank You.

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      AvatarMark Porter

      That is a great question Lisa.

      One I am afraid I do not have the answer too but I have replied in the hope that some one does as this would be a great tool to have in the armoury so to speak.


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      AvatarLisa Smith

      Hi Mark

      Since creating that post on here I have been looking around and it occurred to me to check the auction house listings, I know it still is not what I and now you are looking for but just thought I would mention it as it is along the same lines as my original ask.

      Still looking 🙂


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      AvatarMark Porter

      Since your post I too have been checking out internet auction house data, its a lot to take in and a lot of information is available, my data analysis is looking better all the time, which makes for a more informed decision.


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      Lisa and Mark.

      Number of sales is included in our reports and is recorded at quarterly intervals. If you need the weekly volume of sales for your analysis, you can derive average number of sales by dividing the reported figure by 12 (number of weeks in a quarter). For example if the number of sales in 2019 Q1 is 50 then an approximated volume of sales in any week that falls into the quarter is 4.

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      Data related to this would be a really good thing to be able to find without having to do all of your own data digging. That being said, how have both of you used the data from auction houses to be able to get a bigger picture of sales per week? Is it something that has been helpful in your own property investment journey? I’d love some tips – thanks so much!

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      I’m not either of the previous forum visitors, but I wanted to make sure that you got your answer, Bob. I have found that internet auction house data can tell me a lot about where property sales are booming and for how long. I’ve also found that it can help me to get a pretty solid idea as to how much I should be spending on a property if I am planning on flipping it or using it as an AirBnB or rental property. That comparison data can do a lot if you’re smart with it!

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      Investing to use AirBnB properties has been a huge driver of sales and investments for me! I’ve made the choice to remodel them, offer them as an AirBnB for a bit, and then sell them to other investors that are doing the same sort of thing. It took a bit to get myself established in the whole thing, but I’ve found that it’s a neat and lucrative way to get ahead on investments. Cheers!

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      Thanks Old Hat! When I decide to go ahead and make my next investment leap, I will go ahead and see what I can find in terms of comparison data. The more data I have before I take the leap, the better. Good luck to all of you on your investment adventures!

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      Hi, I see the number of sales in the quarterly forecast page.

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