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      AvatarMark Porter

      A couple of good resources for you here:

      Australian Bureau of Statistics

      Trading Economics

      The second one, Trading Economics is good as it can also be used locally to search your own country.


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      AvatarLisa Smith

      HI Mark
      Thanks for that information!
      The second link you have posted, and as you rightly say is pretty good as it covers several countries including mine.

      Thanks for your post, Lisa

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      Hello Mark!

      Hope you’re well. Thank you so much for both of these links. I’m just getting into this whole investment thing, and I know that resources like this can be truly invaluable when it comes to getting the right information before you make an investment. Do you have any other links related to Australia’s sales and investment info?

      Thanks so much,

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      AvatarAmber Jemone

      Cheers all!

      I’ve just gotten into the investing scene here in Australia (I had previously been investing in Pacific Island properties) and I had been looking out for a thread just like this one so that I could start checking out the resources available here in Australia. Thanks so much for your help – if you have other resources, I’d love to seem them too!

      Have a good one!

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