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      Microburbs is a really interesting site, I’ve found – it has a lot of information about different locations in which people may want to invest, and it is helpful when it comes to understanding the “big picture” of investing in property in the suburbs. I am trying to understand how he gets his data, though, specifically in regards to how much public housing is in a particular area. Also, how does he get data that’s more “micro” than the suburbs? Thanks for your help!

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      I was wondering that as well! There are so many different “classifications” out there in regards to the different types of properties available and where they are located that it can get really confusing. Microburbs is definitely a unique site though, and I think I may use it alongside other resources that I want to try out.

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      It looks like they source most of the data from ABS.

      Just visited the site and the last blog post is from 2017. So is most of the data. It’s a shame, because if this information was up-to-date, it would be really valuable to investors like me.

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