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      Long story short. I get accommodation included with my job because I’m in the military. I also got
      access to a cheap mortgage. Obviously, I’m going to buy-to-let. But none of this on the HtAG site
      makes sense to me. I don’t have time to click on every single council area in Australia before I choose
      where to buy. Every “expert” I read tells me something else. I just want to build an income. Where
      should I buy? I’m young and I have my first chance of buying a house.

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      People like you are in a very good position. You have a good opportunity to save regularly and you
      have almost no living expenses. Forget property. You need an investment plan. Look for a unit trust.

      Talk to your bank and asked them about investment plans. You can make money on an investment
      plan that doesn’t involve the risk of property. You buy a house and rent it out but you really don’t
      know who that idiot is. He could burn it down or not pay and give you loads of trouble. Property
      investment is the Australian dream but it’s just a con. Stock market investments have better growth
      prospects without the need for you to get personally involved.

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        BNBA, you are a blue-arsed flaming galah. Who are you working for? Russia? This young bloke is putting his life on the line for our country and you are giving him smarmy, stupid advise on how he can get big money when he comes out of the service. Putting a few hundred aside every month is nothing. He needs to get a motgage and ramp up his earning potential. He can’t get finance to amp up his earnings with shares. This is a property advise site. Keep out!

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        Yes, I’m asking how to get the best out of my property options cos I can get a cheap mortgage for a house. I can’t get a loan for a share investment.

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        OK, son, first of all, I’m going to send you a big thanks for you being ready to defend our country. You’re what makes Australia great and I don’t care what pillocks like BNBA say. You’re right to ignore the experts.

        I’ve got a real beaut idea that means you can win whether property goes up or down. Ask your dad.
        Use your cheap mortgage to buy your parents house off them. They are the people that you can trust the most. Property market up or down, experts know clever stuff. Screw em. If you go into the buy-to-let market you are going to find out that renters give you nothing but problems. You pay to advertise, you collect references, but once they’re in, it’s really hard to get them out.

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        Cheers. That’s a really good idea, but won’t the bank notice we have the same name?

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      Hi CaptainFish,

      I am happy to get on a call and guide you through the site to find an investment location that fits your situation. As everyone’s circumstances are different, it is best to come up with a strategy and only then look for a suitable area or suburb.

      A few questions that you need to ask yourself :

      • Do I intend to sell the property for profit in the next 3,5 or 10 years?
      • Or do I want to eventually move into it?
      • Do I want the property to generate positive cashflow from day one?
      • Or do I have enough cashflow to negatively gear for 1,3,5 or 10 years?
      • Do I plan to buy another investment property in the next 1,3,5 years?
      • Do I want to refinance my existing loan(s) when I buy this property?
      • Last but not least – how much can I borrow from the bank?

      You can get in touch via our contact page:



      P.s. By the way most of our customers have a strategy in place and do know what they are looking for in terms of median price, capital growth and yield. So the site can help answer your question (re where to buy) once we understand your situation in a little more detail.

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      Perthaholic what are you on? You’re like some drunk who spams forums after drinking in the middle of the night. There’s a reason we’re called experts. You’re just a childish nobody ruining other people’s lifes with your stupid ideas.

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      BNBA: Shut your noise. The kid is looking for a way to make a bit of extra out of his discounted mortgage. He can help his parents. He’s a good bloke serving our country, so let him see the good thigs I’m telling him. CaptainFish: if the bank blocks you over the name, talk to your sister and see if you can make it so she buys theirs and you buy hers. The main point is that you can’t trust anyone, but your mum and dad will never let you down.

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      Thanks Perthaholic, what you don’t know is I do have a sister and the bastard she married walked out on her with ababy and they were renting, so I see what you said and I think that it could work. True that experts don’t know that our lives are messy.

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      Hi all,

      This thread will be closed.

      CaptainFish has reached out to me and I have answered all his questions on the phone.

      Perthaholic, BNBA Please be respectful to each other and refrain from profane language. Failure to comply with our forum rules will result in a permanent ban.

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