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Group Memberships

A group membership allows you to issue licences internally within your organisation.

With group memberships, a single person takes control of the billing aspect of the subscription and can invite additional members up to a limit defined in the membership agreement. The table below presents the pricing tiers for group memberships and respective seat limits. Group memberships are charged on an annual basis and include all Professional tier features.

Group memberships provide the following additional benefits:

  • Discounted per-user access to HtAG Subscriptions
  • Editorial access to blogs, allowing you to publish articles on HtAG Platform (conditions apply)
  • Collaboration with the HtAG Team on feature requests and enhancements
MembershipSeatsDiscountPrice (Annual)
DominionUp to 500NegotiableContact us for a quote
  • Memberships are charged upfront at the start of the term
  • Memberships renew every year until cancelled
  • Canceled memberships remain active for the remainder of the current term
  • Seats are released once users are unregistered by the admin
  • Updates to existing features and new data releases are included
  • Admin user is counted towards the seat limit