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Earn Points to Upskill & Get Discounts

Engage with our PropTech platform like never before through our immersive Gamification system! Each action you take, from leaving an insightful comment on a suburb dashboard to completing a tutorial, rewards you with points.

Looking for deeper insights? Use your points to get discounts on our in-depth reports, adding a strategic edge to your property decisions. Start earning today and make the most out of your property experience!

How to Earn Points

Earn points on our platform by engaging in a variety of activities designed to enhance your market research experience and contribute to our community. Here’s how you can start accumulating points. Tip: Awards with a strikethrough have reached their limit for the current award window.

1 Skill Point = 1$

At HtAG, we believe your dedication should be rewarded in kind. That’s why we’ve made it simple: 1 Skill Point you earn is $1 in value to spend on our digital store.

How to earn Skill Levels

As part of our commitment to community growth and learning, we offer an array of educational content that not only enriches your knowledge base but also rewards you with exclusive badges.

Each educational milestone you achieve results in a new badge that signifies your expertise and dedication to continuous learning in the property sector.

Note: This achievement type is currently under development and will be available soon.