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Markets in the Moment FAQ

What does the box size represent?

The size of the box reflects the average monthly sales in the area for the past five years.

What is the colour scale?

Changes in property prices over a 12-month period are represented by a color scale, with a decrease indicated by shades of red and an increase indicated by shades of green. The colour bar also reveals the percentage change in prices.

Why can’t I find my suburb on the treemap?

Suburbs with sales volume below 1 sale per month and price change above 3 standard deviations have been excluded from the chart in order to provide a better, more representative overview of box sizes and colour-codes in the broader market.

Due to inadequate performance on mobile devices, suburbs are not displayed.

How do I zoom in to a particular area?

Simply click on any box on the chart.

How do I zoom out?

Click on the edge of the outer-most box.

How do I save the heatmap?

Roll your mouse over to the top right corner of the chart and click on the camera icon.