State & Territory LGA Market Insights


Don’t waste time looking at property listings without having shortlisted the right area first! Find out which LGAs (Council Areas) are likely to give you the best return on your investment.

HtAG LGA Market Insights is a concise dataset that contains property metrics to help you understand real estate market performance for houses and units in council areas (LGAs) across Australia. The report contains past, current and future views of the market, comprised of key market fundamentals: Number of Sales, Typical Price, Rentals, Median Rent, Typical Price & Rent Year on Year (YoY) Change, Gross Yield.

The same metrics are also presented as per annum projections based on 2 year forecasts produced by our machine learning algorithm: Capital Growth, Total Return on Investment (RoI), Rent Increase.

With HtAG Market Insights you can shortlist the perfect LGA for your needs in minutes.

Includes Professional Metrics: Days on Market (DoM), Discounting, Days on Rental Market (DoRM), Vacancy Rates, Stock on Market (SoM), Inventory, Buy & Rent Search Index (SI), Renter to Owner (RO) Ratio, Units to Houses (UH) Ratio, IRSAD, Hold Periods, Population

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Property investors have access to wealth of information, but are lacking a clear go-to actionable report that can help them evince capital growth hotspots. This is where our report comes in. To get an idea of how the report works, preview the data by downloading a sample here.

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– LGAs included in this report: 400 council areas Australia-wide

Additional information

Download Instructions

You will be able to download the report directly from right after your payment is processed. In addition, an email with a download link will be sent to you. The download link is valid for 30 days after purchase. Download 2 zip archives – one for houses and one for units – and extract them into any folder on your PC. Open one of the files in your browser. You will be able to interact with the data directly in your browser or extract it into PDF, EXCEL, CSV or JSON file formats.

Confidence Levels

The forecast data is classified by Confidence Levels produced by our statistical model:

High Confidence = forecast error rate of of less than 5%.
Medium Confidence = forecast error rate of less than 10%.
Low Confidence = forecast error rate of less than 20%.
Very Low Confidence = forecast error not measurable.




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Property market data for NT & QLD Council Areas
State & Territory LGA Market Insights