Developing Property Investment Strategy during and post COVID-19

This is the third video playlist and blog post in the Over and Above series. In this post we explain all the ins and outs of planning and due diligence commonly performed by successful strategy-minded investors. Summary of the videos below:

Video 1: Maybe you would like to achieve $2000 a week passive income. Or increase your net worth to $4 million dollars. Whatever lifestyle you want to create – you need to define it and work out a plan as to how you’re going to get there. Because by identifying the goal and setting out the roadmap, you will have checkpoints and markers that will allow you to measure your performance – and know what it’s time to pick up the pace, pull in the discretionary spending, or evaluate your portfolio. It is through this ongoing evaluation and critical analysis that you will be able to take a birds eye view of the grand plan – the overall objective – and work with professionals to strategise the right next move to get you closer to the end goal.

Video 2: The common belief that there is going to be a small pool of investors who are going to be snapping up a whole lot of bargains under market value post COVID-19 – I am not so certain. It is my opinion that demand will continue to outweigh supply in markets that are currently experiencing heat. These markets possess strong local economies, multiple employment nodes, strong infrastructure and vacancy rates hovering well under 1%. Remembering the key fundamentals to purchasing property is going to be paramount to remove the temptation of buying the potential “bargain” in a town or city that does not possess the essential growth drivers for long term

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