Lockyer Valley Regional, QLD

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Suburbs/localities in this Local Government Area: Fifteen Mile 4352, Flagstone Creek 4344, Fordsdale 4343, Forest Hill 4342, Gatton 4343, Glen Cairn 4342, Glenore Grove 4342, Grantham 4347, Ballard 4352, Hatton Vale 4341, Helidon 4344, Helidon Spa 4344, Ingoldsby 4343, Iredale 4344, Junction View 4343, Kensington Grove 4341, Kentville 4341, Laidley 4341, Laidley Creek West 4341, Laidley Heights 4341, Laidley North 4341, Laidley South 4341, Lake Clarendon 4343, Lawes 4343, Lefthand Branch 4343, Lilydale 4344, Lockyer 4344, Lockyer Waters 4311, Lower Tenthill 4343, Lynford 4342, Ma Ma Creek 4347, Morton Vale 4343, Mount Berryman 4341, Mount Sylvia 4343, Mount Whitestone 4347, Mulgowie 4341, Murphys Creek 4352, Placid Hills 4343, Plainland 4341, Postmans Ridge 4352, Regency Downs 4341, Ringwood 4343, Rockmount 4344, Rockside 4343, Ropeley 4343, Seventeen Mile 4344, Silver Ridge 4352, Spring Creek 4343, Black Duck Creek 4343, Stockyard 4344, Summerholm 4341, Blanchview 4352, Thornton 4341, Blenheim 4341, Townson 4341, Upper Flagstone 4344, Upper Lockyer 4352, Upper Tenthill 4343, Veradilla 4347, Vinegar Hill 4343, White Mountain 4352, Winwill 4347, Withcott 4352, Woodbine 4343, Woodlands 4343, Buaraba South 4311, Caffey 4343, Carpendale 4344, Churchable 4311, College View 4343, Crowley Vale 4342, Derrymore 4352, Adare 4343, East Haldon 4343, Egypt 4344


2 thoughts on “Lockyer Valley Regional, QLD”

  1. Hi Gerald,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Confidence is calculated based on 2 components:
    1. Number of sales (current and historical) for the area
    2. Past error rate for the area

    In this instance, although the number of sales is significant to establish the overall council area trend with high confidence, the sales are distributed disproportionally between the suburbs therefore resulting in only on high confidence suburb – Gatton.

    The rest of the suburbs have varying trends with medium/low confidence, therefore allowing for a 10% and 15% error in the data respectively.

    We are working on a change that will result in reduced error rate for suburb data and produce better inference of council area trends at the suburb level. To simplify, suburbs that are currently tagged as medium confidence are likely to be classified as ‘high confidence’ whereas low confidence suburbs will become ‘medium confidence’.

    For now we recommend to rely on the council area capital growth projections to gauge the general trend and always drill down to suburb level for actual percent change figures, focusing on high and medium confidence locations.

    You can find more info about confidence on our FAQ page: https://www.htag.com.au/faq/

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