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Premium members will see the table below showing City of Port Adelaide Enfield suburbs ranked by 2-year projected capital growth (revealed in the 7th column). Public and Standard memberships restrict access to projected growth ranking (columns 6-9).

The chart below illustrates quarterly median price and sales volume growth in City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Median price and sales actuals are depicted in a blue line and green bars respectively. Forecasts are colour coded as an orange line for median price and red bars for sales. Sign up to reveal the forecast data. Tip: Target areas with overall sales above 40/quarter and suburb level sales above 10/quarter.

The chart below plots the annual percent change in median prices for all suburbs in City of Port Adelaide Enfield starting from year 2009. Paying members will see the actual suburb names on the chart legend. Sign up to reveal cycle projections 2 years into the future. Tip: Areas that cross the red line more than 3 times are commonly poor candidates for capital growth investments.

Area map showing annual median price growth in City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Suburbs are colour coded in the red - yellow - green spectrum, with red depicting the lowest percentage growth and green the highest. Click on tooltips to reveal suburb details. Click on the Scatter button to see individual sales plotted on the area map. Tip: Zoom into the Scatter map and explore factors that influence prices in this area i.e. schools, hospitals, shopping centres are marked on the map.

This report aims to construct the buy & rent demand profile of City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Dwelling size and type preference is an important factor that needs to be considered by all investors with capital growth mindset. Tip: Target dwelling type and number of bedrooms that has the highest number of sales.

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Suburbs included in this report: Oakden 5086 SA, Osborne 5017 SA, Birkenhead 5015 SA, Peterhead 5016 SA, Port Adelaide 5015 SA, Blair Athol 5084 SA, Queenstown 5014 SA, Rosewater 5013 SA, Sefton Park 5083 SA, Semaphore 5019 SA, Semaphore South 5019 SA, Taperoo 5017 SA, Valley View 5093 SA, Walkley Heights 5098 SA, Windsor Gardens 5087 SA, Wingfield 5013 SA, Woodville Gardens 5012 SA, Broadview 5083 SA, New Port 5015 SA, Clearview 5085 SA, Angle Park 5010 SA, Croydon Park 5008 SA, Dernancourt 5075 SA, Devon Park 5008 SA, Dudley Park 5008 SA, Enfield 5085 SA, Ethelton 5015 SA, Exeter 5019 SA, Ferryden Park 5010 SA, Gepps Cross 5094 SA, Gilles Plains 5086 SA, Glanville 5015 SA, Greenacres 5086 SA, Hampstead Gardens 5086 SA, Hillcrest 5086 SA, Holden Hill 5088 SA, Kilburn 5084 SA, Klemzig 5087 SA, Alberton 5014 SA, Largs Bay 5016 SA, Largs North 5016 SA, Manningham 5086 SA, Mansfield Park 5012 SA, North Haven 5018 SA, Northfield 5085 SA, Northgate 5085 SA