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Revolutionising Real Estate Data Analysis: Enriched Features in 2.6.0 Software Release

In the ever-evolving realm of prop tech, HtAG Analytics continues to take strides in ensuring our users have the most innovative and insightful features at their fingertips. With our latest software release, we’ve introduced a variety of enhancements designed to bring your data exploration to new heights. From the full deployment of our Relative Composite … Read more

Non-Residential Building Approvals: Markers of Infrastructure Growth

The non-residential building sector plays a vital role in shaping Australia’s economic landscape, reflecting the government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure and amenities. As such, understanding the trends in non-residential building approvals can provide valuable insights for real estate professionals and property investors, allowing them to make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. In … Read more

The Role of Building Approvals in Projecting Future Housing Supply

Building approvals are crucial numbers in the building industry and provide an insight into the trends and current state of the housing market. Understanding how these numbers are produced and what they represent can help anyone interested in real estate investing. This blog post will cover how building approvals are created, how they are interpreted … Read more