Selling or Buying? Tools for Estimating your Home’s Value.

The ability to appropriately estimate the value of your home can help you with determining if your investment has appreciated in value. You can use that information to inform your decision on whether to sell now or wait. If you plan to keep the property as a rental, its estimated value can also assist in calculating how much to rent it for.

Real Estate Virtual Reality Tours Can Sell Homes

Since 2010, with the launch of Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality (VR) has been making a real splash. Technology superstars like Google, Microsoft and Samsung quickly caught on to the potential of simulated environments and now VR has become so accessible that the real estate industry has leapt onto the VR bandwagon and changed everything about buying and selling property. In 2016, the idea caught on that a client could just put on a head-mounted VR unit in a real estate agent’s office and visit 50 open houses with 360-degree panoramas and decide which ones to look at in real-time.

How Important is Timing the Market?

Falling house prices, especially in the capital cities, and with further falls likely, has left many investors wondering if it is a bad time to break into the property market. Savvy investors tend to shy away from buying near the peak of the market only to watch the market fluctuate and the values drop, then to stick around for years until it picks up again.