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A Deep Dive into Typical Price vs. Median Price: Unlock the Secret to Smarter Property Investment

In this video, Alex Fedoseev, co-founder of HtAG Analytics, explains the concept of typical price in real estate and how it differs from median price. [00:00:00] Introduction[00:01:00] What is Typical Price?[00:02:00] Refresher on Median Prices[00:03:00] Issues with Median Prices[00:04:00] Median Price and Composition of Sales[00:05:00] Introducing the Typical Price[00:06:00] Methodology of Typical Price[00:07:00] Comparing Data … Read more

The Pitfalls of Median Price: How Typical Price Provides a More Accurate Picture

Median Price is one of the most commonly reported property market metrics. All major media outlets and data providers use it to highlight real estate price levels in capital city and regional markets. In this article we will explore whether this metric is a reliable indicator to perform data-driven market research and assess suburbs for investment opportunities…

Introduction to Growth Rate Cycles

Determining market fundamentals from ‘behaviour of the curve’ i.e. forecasts from Part 2 in this blog series is not always sufficient. It becomes pertinent only when considered alongside the rate of growth for an area. This information can be obtained from Growth Rate Cycle tab, which we will focus on in this post.

The GRC (Growth Rate Cycle) represents the rate of growth change in median value and is a little different to the ‘property clock’ which has predominantly been used by investment professionals to determine the position of the area in a cycle. The best way to highlight this difference is to explain the philosophy behind the GRC and the property clock cycle notions…