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Australia in Flux: A Comprehensive Exploration of Socio-economic and Demographic Shifts

Socio-economic changes in Australia

Shimmering beaches, cute koalas and Hugh Jackman – these Australian clichés just aren’t cutting it anymore. As our nation morphs at an accelerating pace, we need to ride the wave of socio-economic change. Whether you’re knee-deep in urban planning, investing in real estate, or simply curious about your homeland’s transformation, this analysis based on Australia’s … Read more

The Complete Guide to the IRSAD and How it Relates to House Prices

The Index of Relative Socio-Economic Advantage and Disadvantage (IRSAD) is a geographical index published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that ranks areas in Australia by socio-economic factors.

In this article we explore how IRSAD relates to house prices in Australia.

Explore an interactive map that shows IRSAD decile scores for LGAs in Australia. The higher the score (dark orange), the better off is the area in terms of its’ socio-economic status.