George Town Council, TAS

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Suburbs/localities in this Local Government Area: George Town 7253, Hillwood 7252, Lefroy 7252, Long Reach 7253, Low Head 7253, Lulworth 7252, Beechford 7252, Bell Bay 7253, Bellingham 7254, Pipers River 7252, Stony Head 7252, Weymouth 7252


1 thought on “George Town Council, TAS”

  1. It is a very good sign to see that on top of being listed in the first ten of the most appealing suburbs to invest in (as per data provided by HtAG analytics), George Town in Tasmania is also position to benefit from the ‘construction blitz’ that has been proposed by the local government.

    As advised by the Premier of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein “the Tasmanian Liberal Government is set to reboot the economy with a record construction blitz over the next two years, underpinning around 15000 jobs” , says Peter.

    The new capital influx will focus on developing the following areas:

    • Housing: 2295 new dwelling including social and affordable housing;
    • Road and Irrigation Infrastructure: $55 million worth of road safety upgrades; $387 million for the Hobart Airport interchange and West Tamar Highway upgrades among many other
    • Essential Services: $42.1 million allocated for refurbishments and upgrades of existing essential services;
    • Community Infrastructure: total construction value estimated at $167.5 million;
    • $200 million of Tasmanian Economic and Social Investment Fund will be directed towards investments ensuring returns for Tasmanian;
    • Education and Skills: $10.5 million will be used to improve existing education and skill facilities.

    The aforementioned investments will definitely have a positive impact on the investment quality of the region potentially ensuring that investors are provided with steady and long-term returns.

    The low entry point and affordability coupled with a substantial forecast make this LGA very appealing to a wide range of investment strategies.
    Personally, I would watch this space.

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