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Real Estate Median Prices

Median house prices for Australian capital city and regional markets. This dashboard is updated on a monthly basis and works best on a wide screen.

Prices are seasonally adjusted. Regional data excludes capitals, with the exception of Darwin and Hobart which are included in prices for NT and Tas. Brisbane is Brisbane City LGA and excludes Ipswich, Logan etc. Houses are free standing houses (excl. townhouses & villas). Units are apartments, studios, flats, units (excl. unit blocks). Data source & credit: HtAG Analytics.

Median Price Change (April 2024)

Houses Units
City/StateTypeMarketMedian PriceChange 1MChange 1QChange 1YTypeMedian PriceChange 1MChange 1QChange 1Y

How do I use the median price chart & summary table?

There are several ways to interact with our charts. Learn more by exploring the frequently asked questions section.

How do I see the data for one City or State?

Click on the City/State name (legend on the right) to toggle data for that market. Double click on the legend heading (City/State) to show data for all markets.

How do I see the data for units?

Use the drop down to switch between data for houses and units.

How do I see the data for Regional Markets?

Use the radio buttons to switch between capital city and regional market views.

How do I see the data for a shorter period i.e. 1 year?

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the chart. Double click anywhere on the chart to reset it.

Why don’t median price changes reflect what’s reported in the media?

One downside to using median prices is that they don’t show well how the value of residential property as a whole is changing. Price indices are better suited to track house price changes over time and are commonly cited by the media.

On the other hand, median prices offer a good alternative to gauge residential real estate price levels and their trend over time. This is because indices don’t report house prices in dollar values and are tied to a specific referent point (index) in the past.

What are the attribution requirements?

We ask that you attribute HtAG Analytics ( when the chart is republished.

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Get the data behind the chart & table

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