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Change Log

Welcome to the change history page for HtAG Analytics. Here, we keep track of all the changes and updates we make to our product over time. We want to make sure that our users are always informed of the latest changes, so that they can make the most of our product.

This page shows all the major changes such as new features, bug fixes, and optimisations. It also gives the dates when the changes were made, so you can easily see how the product has evolved over time. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team or simply leave a comment below.

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April 2024 v2.7.2

  • New: Optional strategy add-on for investor clients
  • New: State/Capital City Tableau dashboards (Alpha)
  • New: Latest platform demo video uploaded to our FB Member Group
  • Tweak: Risk RCS metric weighting rebalance with riverine/surface water risks overlayed
  • Tweak: Better handling of outlier values for supply/demand metrics in Capital Growth RCS
  • Tweak: New knowledge base sources for Mat AI (Beta)

March 2024 v2.7.1

  • New: Search feature added to heatmaps
  • New: Launch of Mat AI (Beta)
  • Tweak: PropMate AI enhancements
  • Tweak: Simplified guidance on adding logos after signing up
  • Tweak: 2FA rolled out to several test users
  • Tweak: Quick Links added to off canvas menu on desktop devices
  • Bug Fix: DoM shown as 1 instead of N/A on several suburb dashboards
  • Data Update: Latest Building Approvals data sourced from ABS

February 2024 v2.7.0

  • New: Launch of Archistar addon for all subscribers
  • Tweak: Customisable Suburb PDF reports without HtAG branding
  • Tweak: Refined visuals in ranking tables for LGA/Suburb
  • Tweak: Improved Supply/Demand card displays on LGA/Suburb dashboards
  • Bug Fix: Fixed clickable issue with Brisbane on the national heatmap

January 2024 v2.6.7

  • New: Region filters added to Market Insights excel reports
  • New: Distance to Nearest GPO metric added to Market Insights excel reports
  • New: Data Dictionary and Investment Property Checklist PDFs
  • Tweak: Updates to labels in advanced filter drop down
  • Tweak: Minor updates to LGA/Suburb ranking tables
  • Tweak: Column order rearranged in Market Insights reports to align with data dictionary definitions
  • Data Update: Latest Building Approvals data sourced from ABS

December 2023 v2.6.6

  • Tweak: Updates to the account dashboard
  • Tweak: Skill Points (Beta) now expire after 6 weeks
  • Tweak: Minor updates to FAQ and Data Dictionary pages
  • Tweak: PropMate AI enhancements
  • Bug Fix: Historical vacancy rate out of scale on some suburb charts

November 2023 v2.6.5

  • New: Skill Points (Beta) can now be earned on the platform and spent on purchases
  • Tweak: Updates to the Elite Plan which now includes up to 3 licenses
  • Tweak: DOM is now shown as N/A instead of 0 when unknown
  • Tweak: 3 new self-paced onboarding guides
  • Tweak: Minor UI improvements throughout the platform to improve usability
  • Tweak: Enhancements to payment processing logic
  • Tweak: Improvements to platform security features
  • Bug Fix: GST not shown on PDF invoices when certain discount codes are used
  • Bug Fix: Referral fees calculated off the full amount when discount codes are used

October 2023 v2.6.4

  • New: Revamp of the Personal Subscription tier and pricing changes
  • New: Published detailed feature break-down per subscription tier
  • Tweak: Added Economy Diversification metric to the Relative Composite Score algorithm
  • Tweak: Added State, GCC and SA4 to advanced conditions filter in market comparison table
  • Tweak: Minor updates to heatmap filters
  • Data Update: Latest building approvals data sourced from ABS
  • Other: Updates to Terms & Conditions

September 2023 v2.6.3

  • Tweak: State/City filters now use GCCSA (Greater Capital City Statistical Area) groupings
  • Tweak: SEIFA trends added as a new metric to the Relative Composite Score algorithm
  • Tweak: Revamp of the Referral Hub dashboard
  • Tweak: Revamp of login and sign up pages
  • Tweak: Product tour is now available to all users
  • Tweak: Backend infrastructure upgrades
  • Bug Fix: ‘Years to own’ shown as 0 for ~10 suburbs
  • Bug Fix: Growth Rate Cycle charts not loaded for ~10 suburbs
  • Bug Fix: Relative Composite Score shown as 0 for 2 suburbs
  • Bug Fix: Percentage formats not applied to hidden columns in Market Insights

August 2023 v2.6.2

  • New Feature: Guided onboarding experience for new users
  • New Feature: Analyse suburbs using detailed school data with SchoolRank Australia
  • Tweak: Approximately 200 new suburbs added to the ranking tables due to enriched rental data
  • Tweak: Better outlier detection and exclusion when calculating Days on Market
  • Tweak: Hold Period, DoM and Vacancy Rate data imputed for a subset of regional localities using LGA values
  • Tweak: BA Ratio and number of approvals now both show data aggregated over the past 12 months
  • Bug Fix: 5 Brisbane LGAS showed IRSAD and population data as 0
  • Bug Fix: BA Ratio incorrectly colour coded in the Supply/Demand card
  • Data Update: Latest building approvals data sourced from ABS

July 2023 v2.6.1

  • New Feature: Chat with our data using GPT-powered Suburb Hunter AI (Beta)
  • New Feature: Dive into SEIFA indices and population shifts with Socio-Economic Data Toolkit
  • New Feature: Seamlessly integrate with our comprehensive data set via Snowflake Data Listing
  • Tweak: 7 previously excluded suburbs added to Market insights due to enriched data
  • Tweak: Minor adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) due to 1 additional data point
  • Data Update: Hold period data added after additional historical sales records sourced

June 2023 v2.6.0

  • New Feature: Minor adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) which has now successfully transitioned from its Beta phase into full-scale deployment
  • New Feature: “Years to own” and Building Approval charts added to LGA and Suburb dashboards
  • New Feature: Strategy filter added to ranking tables
  • Tweak: Building Approvals and Search Index cards added to LGA/Suburb dashboard Supply/Demand section
  • Tweak: Better LGA typical price calculation when data for only 1 suburb exists within the LGA
  • Tweak: Minor pricing tier changes with CG RCS™ feature now offered under the Personal Plan
  • Tweek: Styling updates to the account dashboard and signup forms
  • Data Update: Search Index data fine-tuning after adjusting the values relative to population distribution
  • Data Update: Latest building approvals data sourced from ABS

May 2023 v2.5.6

  • New Feature: “Years to own” metric added to Market Insights reports
  • New Feature: 6M Price & Rent Growth, Average Yearly Sales and Per Capita Non-residential Building Approvals added to Market Insights reports
  • Data Update: Search Index data has undergone an update. Kindly be aware that with the integration of two distinct data sources, the data will be harmonized and restructured throughout June 2023.
  • Tweak: Adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) with weightings redistributed after final backtest iteration and introduction of “Years to own” metric
  • Tweak: Added the “Proptech Coach” pricing tier
  • Tweak: Ranking table state is saved after page refresh on LGA dashboards
  • Tweak: “Add Condition” filter now also appears in ranking table Advanced View and on LGA dashboards
  • Tweak: Better outlier detection in suburbs with low sales volume when calculating the Typical Price
  • Bug Fix: GRC chart cut off in 2015 in some Brisbane suburbs
  • Bug Fix: 3 suburbs incorrectly matched to the latest ABS SAL dataset

April 2023 v2.5.5

  • Data Update: Building approvals, ACARA and SEIFA data updated based on latest release from ABS
  • Data Update: Error rate updated after regular forecast back-test
  • Tweak: Both private and public building approvals are now included in the reports (only private building approvals reported in prior releases)
  • Tweak: Adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) with higher weightings assigned to non-residential building approvals signaling infrastructure spend by state and local government
  • Tweak: Updates to the layout of PDFs generated from the suburb and LGA dashboards
  • Tweak: Improved data imputation for supply and demand metrics
  • Bug Fix: Tooltips not showing on heatmaps in some scenarios
  • Bug Fix: Some columns incorrectly shown/hidden when user returns to the standard view in the ranking table after selecting advanced or expert views
  • Bug Fix: Charts not loading in Safari browser

March 2023 v2.5.4

  • New Feature: Ability to filter on multiple columns using the Expert View on the main dashboard.
  • New Feature: School Rank metric added to downloadable reports.
  • Tweak: Adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) weightings due to introduction of the School Rank and addition of LGA-level scores into suburb RCS algorithm.
  • Tweak: 3 LGAs with poor data quality removed from ranking tables.
  • Tweak: (-)Trough and (-)Increasing GRC values reclassified as Neutral.
  • Tweak: Adjusted average sales volume thresholds for High/Medium/Low Confidence bands.
  • Bug Fix: Some sales reported as negative values instead of 0 per number of bedrooms.

February 2023 v2.5.3

  • New Feature: Building Approvals and BA Ratio metrics added to downloadable reports and web ranking tables.
  • Tweak: Adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) weightings due to introduction of BA Ratio trend.
  • Tweak: Decommissioned site forum has been replaced with Facebook and Reddit communities.
  • Bug Fix: Broken links for some LGA & suburb dashboards.

December 2022 v2.5.2

  • New Feature: Markets in the Moment Heatmap.
  • Tweak: Further adjustments to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) weightings based on feedback received from the validation panel.
  • Tweak: Updated look and feel for LGA and Suburb dashboards.
  • Tweak: Error rate updates after quarterly forecast backtest.
  • Tweak: Code cleanup and major package upgrades in preparation for new feature development in 2023.

November 2022 v2.5.1

  • New Feature: Capital City / Regional Market Median Price Dashboard launched.
  • Tweak: Updates to Relative Composite Score (RCS™) algorithm. See comment section here for details.
  • Tweak: Building Approvals data incorporated into the main dataset.
  • Tweak: Latest population and renter/owner data incorporated into the main dataset.
  • Tweak: Cosmetic changes to site UI.
  • Bug Fix: Heatmaps taking too long to load due to excessive data.

October 2022 v2.5.0

  • New Feature: Relative Composite Score (RCS™) for Capital Growth, Cashflow, Lower Risk
  • New Feature: Ability to generate PDF reports from LGA and suburb dashboards
  • Tweak: Updated layout for LGA/Suburb ranking tables due to introduction of RCS™
  • Tweak: Added 4 new layers to heatmaps due to introduction of RCS™
  • Tweak: Cosmetic changes to Buy, Rent, Yield cards
  • Tweak: Rent series for 5BR removed due to low volumes in 90% of suburbs
  • Bug Fix: Trend line not appearing when last values are unknown on advanced metric charts
  • Bug Fix: Decimal points shown for sales/rentals on price and rent charts

September 2022 v2.4.1

  • New Feature: Downloadable reports for historical price, rent, yield data
  • Tweak: Price, Rent, Yield charts now displayed using monthly interval
  • Tweak: Added Discounting to Days on Market charts
  • Tweak: Added Auctions to Clearance Rate charts
  • Tweak: Added trend line to all advanced metric charts
  • Tweak: y axis no longer show decimal points for chart bar values
  • Tweak: Added colour coding to Supply/Demand metric cards
  • Tweak: Simplified ranking table data view toggles
  • Tweak: Cosmetic changes to text displayed in breadcrumbs and suburb page headings
  • Tweak: Updated data source for city-level and state-level price, rent, yield charts
  • Bug Fix: Some SoM graphs were showing outlier listings
  • Bug Fix: Buy SI not showing per number of bedrooms in ranking table
  • Bug Fix: 24 suburbs were allocated default R|O ratio value of 1%
  • Bug Fix: Charts not loading correctly on Brisbane dashboard

August 2022 v2.4.0

  • Tweak: Core dataset migrated from quarterly to monthly frequency
  • Tweak: Additional hierarchical regressor variable added to price model, furthering the trend estimation to 10 years (as opposed to 2 years previously)
  • Tweak: Confidence level cone added to all forecast charts
  • Tweak: Days on Market is now calculated using median formula (as opposed to mean formula previously)
  • Tweak: Buy and Rent SI are now calculated in relation to either capital city or regional market averages (as opposed to state averages previously)
  • Bug Fix: Rentals incorrectly presented on some rent charts

July 2022 v2.3.1

  • Tweak: Heatmaps redesigned with gross yield metric added as an additional layer
  • Tweak: Clearance rate calculation formula change – minimum required auctions increased to 5 per month
  • Tweak: Front-end optimisations to improve page load times
  • UI Bug Fix: Some GRC charts did not align to X axis
  • UI Bug Fix: Pro metric charts X axis ticks missing last month

June 2022 v2.3.0

  • Tweak: Added historical price & rent growth for 1 month, 1 quarter, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years to ranking tables
  • Tweak: Clearance rates added to ranking tables
  • Tweak: All advanced metrics are now grouped under fundamentals, supply or demand sections in ranking tables
  • Tweak: Metrics on the web version of ranking tables are colour coded to reflect opportune, neutral and unfavourable real estate market conditions
  • Tweak: Optional toggles for column groups such as rental market performance, detailed historical price growth etc.
  • Tweak: Better handling of edge case scenarios where no sales are recorded for units causing U|H ratio to show default values

May 2022 v2.2.1

  • Tweak: Added charts for PRO Metrics to all LGA pages
  • Tweak: Changes to Confidence metric; see this link for more info
  • Tweak: Error rate updated after yearly model test run
  • Tweak: Incorporated additional historical records for years 1995-2007 into the sales dataset
  • Tweak: Updated the cut-off for minimum number of sales (per bedroom) from 100 to 210 for price time-series
  • Tweak: HTML format has been superseded by Excel files; HTML files are no longer included in downloadable reports

April 2022 v2.2.0

  • Tweak: PRO Metrics are now curated as monthly timeseries (as opposed to rolling quarter)
  • Tweak: Data Dictionary updated with new supply/demand thresholds due to the new data curation method
  • Tweak: LGA page layout updated with R|O, U|H, IRSAD pie charts repositioned
  • Tweak: Main page dashboard charts migrated on to new charting library
  • Tweak: Additional 50 LGA pages created for markets with low sales activity

March 2022 v2.1.1

  • Tweak: Subscription upgrades are now pro-rated
  • Tweak: Cosmetic fixes on Price, Rent & Yield charts
  • Tweak: Capital city and state page layouts updated to include detailed market overview
  • Bug Fix: Year filters were resetting GRC charts to default timeline

February 2022 v2.1.0

  • Tweak: Additional historical data (300k sales records) added to main data set
  • Tweak: Introduced dynamic scale to price and rent charts

January 2022 v2.0.9

  • Bug Fix: UHV metric shown as 0 in some cases instead of actual values
  • Tweak: Forecasts shown as dotted line on all charts
  • Tweak: Improved load times for all chart data

December 2021 v2.0.8

  • Tweak: Inventory is now reported in months (as opposed to quarters)
  • Tweak: Added DoM, Vacancy Rate, SoM%, Inventory to LGA page default columns
  • Tweak: Charting library updated to latest 3.8 version

November 2021 v2.0.7

  • Data: Added IRSAD Score to Downloadable Reports
  • Data: Added Population to Downloadable Reports
  • Data: Added Hold Periods to Downloadable Reports
  • Tweak: Downloadable reports are now also available in Excel format
  • Tweak: Introduced Favourable/Unfavourable/Neutral colour coding to Excel reports
  • Tweak: R|O and U|H Metrics are now represented as percentages
  • Bug Fix: Rent Searches displayed incorrectly on some Rent Search Index charts
  • Bug Fix (Regression): Duplicate markers on main dashboard heatmap

October 2021 v2.0.6

  • Tweak: New LGA dashboard layout for ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, QLD pages
  • Tweak: Further improvement to CDN caching of pages and posts on the site
  • Bug Fix: Password reset not working in some scenarios
  • Bug Fix: Broken LGA links on main page heatmap

September 2021 v2.0.5

  • Tweak: New LGA dashboard layout for NT, TAS, WA pages
  • Tweak: Added Buy/Rent Search Index charts to new LGA page layout
  • Tweak: Added FAQ section to new LGA page layout
  • Bug Fix: UHV Ratio displayed as 0 for some areas in downloadable reports

August 2021 v2.0.4

  • Tweak: Site optimisation to improve page load time
  • Bug Fix: LGA Heatmaps had broken links in some instances

July 2021 v2.0.3

  • Tweak: LGA Page ranking tables now display PRO Metrics
  • Tweak: LGA Page ranking tables now display Capital Growth, RoI and Rent Increase metrics as per annum average values
  • Tweak: Added Rentals column to all ranking tables
  • Tweak: Improved load times for downloadable reports via javascript / CSS optimisation
  • Tweak: Heatmap info popups remain active after icon clicks
  • Bug Fix: Exporting data from sample reports into CSV/Excel had 2 columns missing
  • Bug Fix: N/A Displayed in Growth Rate column for some bedroom series in downloadable reports

June 2021 v2.0.2

  • Data: 8 new PRO metrics released
  • Tweak: Added suburb postcodes to suburb names in ranking tables
  • Tweak: Exporting suburb data from downloadable reports also adds LGA column for easier suburb to council area referencing

May 2021 v2.0.1

  • Data: 8 new metrics added to all downloadable reports (as beta release)
  • Data: Added Error Rate column to all downloadable reports and the main dashboard
  • Tweak: Capital Growth and Total ROI columns are now presented as a range based on forecast confidence
  • Tweak: Main Dashboard now presents data in a format consistent with downloadable reports
  • Tweak: GRC values expanded from 4 to 8 possible positions with (-) negative growth and (+) positive growth indicators

April 2021 v2.0.0

The main highlight of this release is a significant enhancement of the HtAG algorithm. Two legacy forecast modules, which have been shadowing a more performant strategic algorithm have now been decommissioned. This took place after the final testing cycle for the new module completed on the weekend of 3-4 April 2021.

  • Data: Additional historical data incorporated into WA, ACT datasets
  • Tweak: Decommissioned 2 legacy forecast modules in favour of a new forecast procedure offering lower error rate
  • Tweak: Strategic forecast module now powers Typical Price data fit and forecasts. Some suburbs downgraded to low confidence (and some temporary withheld from reports) as model undergoes additional training on new data
  • Tweak: Removed typical value smoothing previously used for City-Level Forecast and GRC Charts as the low confidence values (which are used to produce aggregate typical values alongside medium and high confidence series) now offer better data quality
  • Tweak: Removed house/unit toggle on downloadable reports as files are frequently downloaded separately and into different folders resulting in user error
  • Bug Fix: Price shown instead of Number of sales in downloadable reports for some BR series
  • Bug Fix: Count of grouping by days shown as number of sales

March 2021 v1.6.2

  • Tweak: Downloadable reports now have optional column toggles
  • Tweak: Confidence metric is now calculated using a combined performance input for price and rent forecasts (only price was taken into account previously)

February 2021 v1.6.1

  • Tweak: YoY Price and Rent change is now calculated using the percent difference between current quarter value and the value reported for the same quarter last year (yearly averages were used previously)
  • Bug Fix: Some suburb forecasts for bedroom time-series were produced using out-dated regressor data
  • New Feature: Improved store report format:
    • Capital Growth is now reported as an annual average based on 2 year price forecasts
    • Added Total RoI column (sum of cashflow yield and yearly capital growth)
    • Added Rent Increase Column (average annual increase based on 2 year rent forecasts)
    • Added Cashflow Increase Column (average annual increase based on current price and 2 year rent forecasts)
    • Added Rentals Column for current quarter

January 2021 v1.6.0

  • New Feature: Days on Market (DoM), Discounting, Days on Rental Market (DoRM), Vacancy Rates, Vacancies added to store reports
  • Bug Fix: Median price column was duplicated on LGA (Council Area) store reports
  • UI Tweak: Better presentation of confidence legend on GRC charts
  • Heatmaps: LGA (Council Area) and suburb shapes updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
  • Data: LGA (Council Area) to suburb correspondence updated based on latest Geoscape (PSMA) Data Release
  • Data: LGA (Council Area) median values and forecasts are now calculated by averaging values for suburbs within the referent LGA. Suburbs with Very Low Confidence and/or poor past model performance are excluded.
  • Data: Approximately 3% of past property sales have been reassigned to new suburbs due to updated shape boundaries
  • Tweak: ML model 2.0 deployed in production environment. The new model has the following improvements:
    • Better handling of missing data resulting in additional time-series per number of bedrooms at suburb and LGA levels
    • Use of LGA timeseries as a regressor for suburb model train and test has been re-developed achieving a 25-30% improvement in confidence for suburb forecasts