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Essential Guide to Maximising the Advantages of Your Membership

As a member of HtAG Analytics, you have the potential to reach a wider audience, enhance your visibility and boost your real estate business. We have taken the time to identify and list the essential benefits for you to make the most of your subscription.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find information on how to gain increased exposure for your brand, strategies for connecting and collaborating with other real estate professionals and DIY investors as well as ideas for maximising lead generation.


Our platform has over 8,000 interactive dashboards covering LGA and suburb property markets across Australia, which are available to all visitors researching the property market(s). We offer a lot of free-tier data, so many property investors visit our dashboards daily to gain market insights.

To enhance the experience, each dashboard features a comments section at the bottom. We encourage users to leave comments containing relevant information about the area, or to recommend particular markets to clients.

Suburb insights comment example

Example of a comment with suburb insights

This not only raises your profile, but also allows you to engage in conversations with other subscribers. If someone responds to your comment, we’ll be sure to notify you via email!

We strongly discourage using the comment section as a means to promote your business. Instead, we suggest focusing on providing value and building credibility and trust with potential clients before attempting to sell them your services. This approach will help you form meaningful connections and cultivate lasting client relationships.

Logo in PDF Reports & Comments

Do you want to make sure your comments on our platform stand out and build up your online brand image? Or would you like your company logo to appear on an area PDF report generated on our platform? Then associate a logo with your profile!

It’s easy – just head over to, sign up with the same email you used to join HtAG. Once signed up, navigate to ‘My Gravatars’ and upload your chosen image – be it a photo of you or a brand image for your business.

We suggest refining your logo by cropping it into a square shape, ensuring that there are no white spaces between the logo and the image border for optimal visual appeal.

A well-crafted logo enhances brand recognition for property investors and platform visitors, enabling them to effortlessly identify your comments.

Furthermore, when presenting statistical data to clients, incorporating your logo on the PDF report ensures a professional and cohesive presentation.

When you join HtAG Analytics, by default your personal name will appear along your logo when you make a comment on our platform. However, you can easily change this to your business name.

Simply reach out to our support team, indicating the brand name that you’d like to appear on your profile, and they’ll take care of it within 48 hours.

Buyer’s Agent Directory & Lead Gen

Are you a buyers agent with an active HtAG Analytics professional membership? Then you pre-qualify to join our Buyer’s Agent Directory for the chance to be seen by real estate investors and home buyers on our platform.

We strive to ensure that the industry has access to professionals who understand the fundamentals of data-driven property investment. Our directory provides a visible resource to investors who are looking for reliable assistance.

In order to make sure that our subscribers find the most qualified real estate professionals, we require those wishing to join to go through an onboarding process. If you would like to join the directory, please complete the onboarding form.

This section provides buyers agents with over 20 actionable tips for boosting lead generation and capturing potential customer attention. Learn how to stand out and optimise your visibility on and off our platform.

To access the rest of this guide, you must become a professional subscriber. You can subscribe on the professional plan on a monthly or six-month basis. If you are already subscribed, click here to login.

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