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Introduction to HtAG® Analytics

HtAG® is the ultimate property investment SaaS (Software as a Service) that provides you with timely and actionable real estate market data. We have developed an innovative platform that leverages the benefits of machine learning to rank the investment potential of over 400 Local Government Areas and 5,000 suburbs, Australia wide.

Our team of highly experienced professionals are dedicated to helping real estate investors, buyers, sellers, agents and other industry roles with the most accurate market insights to make well-informed decisions.

At HtAG®, it is our mission to make sure that every Australian has access to high quality information to make intelligent data-driven decisions. With our platform, you can easily get critical data points at a touch of a button – empowering you with up-to-date information on any real estate market and sub-market performance.


Integrity and ethics represent our core business values. HtAG aims to assist investors, home buyers and real estate professionals in dealing with the downside of speculation in property investment. At HtAG, we remove the subjectiveness of individual preferences and mitigate any gaps in knowledge that emerge from investment bias.


HtAG’s mission is to become an industry leader in assessing investment potential of LGAs and suburbs Australia wide. HtAG endeavours to make pertinent and accurate property investment data not only the privilege of institutional organisations and investors capable of retaining the service of economists.


HtAG’s vision is to become an internationally recognised and trusted portal that ranks countries, regions and localities based on their property investment potential. Our aim is to harness the powers of Big Data in the property market research space and make its benefits accessible to all walks of life, everywhere, cheaply.

Meet the Team Behind HtAG™

Meet Alex, Mat and Vedran, who come from different backgrounds but share a common vision: to make real estate data more accessible and accurate for home buyers, investors and real estate professionals.

With their combined experience in tech, business and real estate, they’ve created a platform that provides timely and accurate property market data, empowering users to make informed decisions when buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Watch the video to find out more about our vision and learn how HtAG can benefit you. Plus, find out our plans to expand our services in the future.

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Terry James


Terry is HtAG’s property investment advisor. With experience that spans across two decades, Terry ensures HtAG’s service provisions match our client’s property investment needs. With intimate knowledge of Australia’s property market, attention to detail and passion for real-estate, Terry drives the relevance, value and accessibility of HtAG’s service offerings.

Matija Djolic

Product & Customer Success

Mat is responsible for driving customer retention and success, as well as product performance. Holding a PhD in Management, he focuses on leveraging the benefits of HtAG’s transdisciplinary knowledge pool. Also, a Senior Construction and Building professional, Mat ensures HtAG’s features are aligned with the changing requirements of the construction and development industry.

Vedran Maric

Finance & Business Strategy

Vedran is a qualified CPA and holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Applied Finance. Vedran is instrumental in creating strategic plans that deal with future proofing of the organisation; from the way HtAG introduces new features and customer plans to the way new and existing products are priced all focusing on maximizing the satisfaction of new and existing stakeholders.

Alex Fedoseev

Data Insights & Strategy

Alex leads HtAG’s development team. With a background in Software Architecture and Technology Consulting, Alex brings valuable experience and knowledge that ensures the disruptive nature of our business model. Alex’s passion for applied use of Machine Learning and Big Data is what drives the continuous innovation of HtAG’s service offering.

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