HtAG® is an analytics portal that assists real estate professionals, investors and home buyers in making property-related decisions with the help of timely and actionable property market information. HtAG® leverages the benefits of machine learning to rank the growth potential of different Local Government Areas and suburbs, Australia wide. Underpinned by advantages of Data Science and Big Data, HtAG® processes large volumes of property statistics to classify thousands of locations based on key property market metrics.




Integrity and ethics represent our core business values. HtAG aims to assist investors, home buyers and real estate professionals in dealing with market speculation and the ill advice of spruikers. At HtAG, we remove the subjectiveness of individual preferences and mitigate any gaps in knowledge and experience of property investment advisers.


HtAG’s mission is to become an industry leader in assessing investment potential of LGAs and suburbs Australia wide. HtAG endeavours to make pertinent and accurate property investment data not only the privilege of institutional organisations and investors capable of retaining the service of economists.


HtAG’s vision is to become an internationally recognised and trusted portal that ranks countries, regions and localities based on their property investment potential. Our aim is to harness the powers of Big Data in the property market research space and make its benefits accessible to all walks of life, everywhere, cheaply.

Slide Jim is an aspiring property investor. He knows the basics, but is frustrated finding
the right area to invest in.
Which suburb will boom and which one will be in decline
Slide The news headlines say one
while investment advisers and
real-estate agents another
Jim feels like there are numerous agendas at play
and everyone is offering a different take on the
"next big thing". Who is right?
Slide A website that could tell you where to invest to
maximise your returns based on data science and
real-life numbers rather than someone's opinion?
Jim usually says: It seems as though advice on property investment is
largely interest driven as opposed to evidence based
What if there was a website?
Slide Meet A property investment portal that provides its customers with
valuable information on the investment potential of LGAs and
Suburbs, Australia wide.
HtAG leverages data science to asses & rank the investment value
of over 6,180 suburbs and provides timely and relevant statistics,
enabling customers to make better decisions with ease.
HtAG Analytics – Make unbiased property investment decisions and
achieve superior returns using Big Data and Machine Learning.

Point of Difference

HtAG differentiates itself from other services in the property market research in that it harnesses the accuracy of data science to assist its customers make informed property investment decisions.

In addition to the accuracy of information provided to its customers, HtAG also guarantees the absolute information neutrality of its service provisions: by crawling the web to collect real time property statistics, HtAG provides data that is not embellished and massaged to fit the latest trends, headlines and interests of large institutional players.

The founders of HtAG have fought to ensure a service that disrupts the existing market norms and real estate industry service standards – by recording instantaneous changes in the market conditions, HtAG mitigates the negative effects data lags can have on informed decision making.

Value Proposition



Management Team



Terry James

Property Investment

Terry is HtAG’s property investment advisor. With experience that spans across two decades, Terry ensures HtAG’s service provisions match our client’s property investment needs. With intimate knowledge of Australia’s property market, attention to detail and passion for real-estate, Terry drives the relevance, value and accessibility of HtAG’s service offerings.



Matt Djolic


Matt is our applied knowledge strategist. A PhD candidate in Management, Matt Djolic focuses on leveraging the benefits of HtAG’s transdisciplinary knowledge pool. Also, a Senior Construction and Building professional, Matt ensures HtAG’s service is aligned with the changing requirements of the construction and development industry.



Trisha Harris

Data Analysis

Trisha is HtAG’s data guru. Trisha’s role is to ensure that benefits of highlighting property data patterns are made available to our customers through HtAG’s service offerings. Always finding innovative ways to use and package data, Trisha ensures HtAG’s capacity to form a bridge between client’s informed decision making and raw data.



Alex Fedoseev

Data Science

Alex leads HtAG’s data science division. With a background in Software Architecture and Technology Consulting, Alex brings valuable experience and knowledge that ensures the disruptive nature of our business model. Alex’s passion for machine learning and Big Data is what drives the continuous innovation of HtAG’s service offering.