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Typical Price & Rent Forecasts

HtAG forecasts property price changes on both LGA (Local Government Area) and Suburb level, Australia-wide and in doing so seeks to provide pertinent information to our clients so that they are able to assess the investment potential of a particular geographical location.

HtAG algorithm uses the real time recorded property sales data as an input for producing sales & rental price predictions and highlighting any future changes in property prices. Our model has the capacity to predict property prices with an accuracy well above that of our competitors.

Our forecasts can help you get a better understanding of the property market and inform you on where to invest your money in order to increase RoI.

Adelaide hose price forecasts
HtAG Growth Rate cycles

Growth Rate Cycle Analysis

The Growth Rate Cycle Analysis feature highlights patterns in price changes so our clients understand the current position of a geographical location within what we call the GRC. In contrast to the property clock, growth rate analysis represents a much more sensitive way of assessing cyclical phases of price growth and decline of a particular area.

Highlighting the percentage change cycles of a particular suburb or LGA, our clients can asses the long-term investment viability of an area by focusing on what we at HtAG call the ‘above zero’ benchmark – ranking an area that has experienced negative growth in the past as having lower investment appeal.

GRC can help you stay ahead of your competition by knowing what’s next or get out before it’s too late and you’re stuck with a depreciating asset.

Capital Growth & Cash Flow Ranking

Our clients have the option of generating tables which provide ranking of suburbs and LGAs based on the activity volumes as well as important property market metrics such as Capital Growth Projections, Cashflow Yield, Vacancy Rates, DoM, Discounting, Buy and Search Index, R|O Ration and many more metrics.

Another way HtAG aims to improve clients’ decision making is by ranking geographical locations based on their level of activity or ‘heat’.

Our ranking tables will help you understand the market better, find a suburb that suits your needs, be more informed about real estate supply and demand in general. Download a report from our Digital Store to make an educated decision with the help of ranking tables when buying a property.

HtAG Suburb Ranking Table
Capital Growth Heatmap

Capital Growth Heatmaps

Heatmaps provide a pictorial representation of year on year growth. They assist customers in determining locality of growth providing customers with an opportunity to identify growth corridors or growth clusters between different suburbs or different Councils.

The heatmaps also serve to assist with anticipating movements of growth by identifying overheated suburbs and the spill-over suburbs that are positioned for subsequent growth.

Heatmaps will help you get a better understanding of the popularity of certain areas and timeframes to plan investments.

Scatter Plots

Scatter plot is a more concentrated version of the heat map providing customers with information on the section of suburbs most in demand. The map plots all sales within the past year and attributes the GPS coordinates of the properties to the appropriate street(s) highlighting the concentration of sales and subsequent clusters within suburbs that see the most activity.

The scatter plot demonstrates a level of activity in a particular location within a particular timeframe. We also turn the scatter plot data into a heat map which highlight per suburb level of activity in a particular council. This feature assists investors or real estate professionals in narrowing down the location of their next purchase within a suburb.

Property Sales Scatter Plot
Property Demand Profile

Demand Profile

Demand profile feature provides customers with information on the type of property most in demand in a particular Council. The feature lists the number of sales made per dwelling type such as apartment or a detached house. The feature provides additional information by highlighting the number of bedrooms most in demand for each dwelling type.

This feature serves our customers with deciding what dwelling type to invest in but also with assessing the appropriate value of advertised properties for sale.

Thanks to this feature you’ll know which property type is in demand. You’ll be able to compare the different types of properties on offer and make your decision faster.

Advanced Metrics

Assess markets via advanced metrics such as: Days on Market, Discounting, Vacancy Rates, Stock on Market, Inventory, Buy & Rent Search Index, Renter to Owner Ratio, Units to Houses Ratio, Hold Periods and more. Other demographics and economic indicators are also included.

Explore our Data Dictionary to understand the full spectrum of metrics available.

Use our suburb selection framework to research property markets with the help of advanced data. Our framework relies on methodologies used by major financial institutions, which was never before accessible to everyday property investors and real estate professionals.

HtAG Ranking Table for Suburbs with Advanced Property Metrics

Are you looking for a new property? Discover investment hotspots that fit your financial profile with ease!


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Capital Growth Heatmaps

Suburb Price, Rent, Yield Ranking

Suburb Price & Rent Charts (Historical)

Suburb Demand Profile, IRSAD, R|O & U|H Ratio Charts

Get acquainted with the platform and explore market trends in major capital cities. Forecast data is masked (obfuscated) on this plan. Easy upgrade to Personal or Professional plans.


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All Starter Plan Features

Suburb Capital Growth Ranking (In Council Area)

Suburb Price, Rent Charts (With Forecasts)

Suburb Gross Yield Charts

Ideal for home buyers or investors looking for best suburbs to invest in within a council area (LGA) boundary. Suburb ROI data is masked on the Main Dashboard but is visible on council area pages.


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All Personal Plan Features

Suburb Capital Growth Ranking (Country-wide)

Search Index & Growth Rate Cycles (GRC)

Access Days on Market, Inventory, Vacancy Rates, Stock on Market, Search Interest & other advanced metrics via downloadable reports

FREE Access to Market Insights Reports

Best for investors or real estate professionals researching suburbs within a city/state boundary. All data is unmasked. Professional Metrics included.

Our algorithm records property transactions continuously by monitoring more than 6,100 suburbs country-wide. The transactions are fed into a Machine Learning model to produce suburb historical trends as well as 2-year forecasts. Use our ranking system to find out which areas are growing faster than others so you can make smarter decisions about where to buy or invest your money. We’ve got all this information at your fingertips.

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