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Median Price & Rent Forecasts

HtAG forecasts property price changes on both LGA (Local Government Area) and Suburb level, Australia-wide and in doing so seeks to provide pertinent information to our clients so that they are able to assess the investment potential of a particular geographical location.
HtAG algorithm uses the real time recorded property sales data as an input for producing property price predictions and highlighting any future changes in property prices. Our model has the capacity to predict property prices with an accuracy well above that of our competitors. We predict property prices in one and two-year future intervals with the first-year predictions being at an average of 95% accuracy and the second-year at average 90% accuracy.

Market Cycle Analysis

The Market Cycle Analysis service highlights patterns in price changes so our clients understand the current position of a geographical location within what we call the HtAG mini cycle. By looking closer at recorded data, out team has come to a realisation that in addition to the 7-10-year macro property price cycle, markets also show predictable movement patterns on a smaller 2-3 years scale.
Highlighting the percentage change cycles of a particular suburb or LGA, our clients can also asses the long-term investment viability of an area by focusing on what we at HtAG call the ‘above zero’ benchmark – ranking an area that has experienced negative growth in the past as having lower investment appeal.

Capital Growth & Yield Ranking

Another way HtAG aims to improve clients’ decision making is by ranking geographical locations based on their level of activity or ‘heat’. We provide a geographical scatter plot that demonstrates a level of activity in a particular location within a particular timeframe; We also turn the scatter plot data into a heat map which highlight per suburb level of activity in a particular LGA; Our clients also have the option of generating tables which provide ranking of suburbs and LGAs based on the activity volumes.


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HtAG collects property sales data continuously and as a result our forecast model reacts to changes in market conditions in near real-time. Be sure to check back in regularly, if you wish to access the latest model source. Reports are updated as soon as new data becomes available.

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