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Introducing HtAG® Reports and Dashboards

Welcome to HtAG® Real Estate Investment Platform.

Australia’s property market is not exactly monolith, but is rather an amalgam of many different sub-markets. Whereas, some markets evolve in unison, others grow and decline at different rate and cyclicity.

Our website presents property market data in a concise, structured format to help you discover some of the best suburbs to invest in based on the criteria you define.

We take the pain out of property market research by ranking suburbs on key investment metrics allowing you to make expert data-driven decisions.

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Great tool for home buyers, property investors and real estate professionals. HtAG’s ranking tables helped me discover a perfect location for my next investment property. Couldn’t be happier with the suburb I picked. Double-digit growth guaranteed!

Rated 5 out of 5 — HtAG Customer Review
Joel Maloney
Joel Maloney
a year ago
I was referred by a friend to HtAG and was excited and hopeful by the concept, and then I used it and was totally blown away. If you are not using this as part of your property searches you are already being left behind. Big more
Rakesh M
Rakesh M
a year ago
Great insights into Property market. If you are an avid investor or a home-buyer (like myself) HtAG insights will great help you to identify the pockets of valuable properties in a wider macro more
J Le
J Le
a year ago
Great tool for home buyers, property investors and real estate professionals. HtAG’s ranking tables helped me discover a perfect location for my next investment property. Couldn’t be happier with the suburb I picked. Double-digit growth guarenteed!read more
Lorraine Paradero
Lorraine Paradero
a year ago
Great to work with HtAG for our property market outlooks at Vestbuild. Articles were insightful and well received by our agents. Thank you!read more

Find investment hotspots with the help of advanced real estate metrics

We have a range of reports, covering an extensive geography for you to choose from. Our reports contain essential property market metrics to help you discover investment hotspots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra. Data is updated on a monthly basis and reflects the current “ground conditions” in over 4,000 markets nationwide.

HtAG Ranking Table for Suburbs with Advanced Property Metrics
Visit our store to download a pre-formatted Market Insights report today!

Assess markets via advanced metrics such as: Days on Market, Discounting, Vacancy Rates, Stock on Market, Inventory, Buy & Rent Search Index, Renter to Owner Ratio, Units to Houses Ratio, Hold Periods, Clearance Rates and more. Join on the Professional Plan and get FREE VIP Access to HtAG Market Insights reports for the duration of your subscription.

Are you looking for a new property? Discover investment hotspots that fit your financial profile with ease!


$5.95 / mo

Capital Growth Heatmaps (LGAs)

Area Price, Rent, Yield Ranking

Price & Rent Charts (Historical)

Demand Profile, IRSAD, R|O & U|H Ratio Charts

Get acquainted with the platform and explore market trends in major capital cities. Forecast data is masked (obfuscated) on this plan. Easy upgrade to Personal or Professional plans.


$39.95 / mo | $31.96 on semi-annual plan

All Starter Plan Features

Gross Yield Heatmaps (LGAs)

Tabular Data Unmasked (LGA Dashboards)

Price & Rent Charts (With Forecasts)

Gross Yield Charts

Ideal for home buyers or investors looking for best suburbs to invest in within a council area (LGA) boundary. Suburb data is masked on the Main Dashboard but is visible on LGA (council area) pages.


$59.95 / mo | $47.96 on semi-annual plan

All Personal Plan Features

Capital Growth & Yield Heatmaps (Suburbs)

Tabular Data Unmasked (Main Dashboard)

Growth Rate Charts (GRC)

Days on Market, Inventory, Vacancy Rates, Stock on Market, Search Interest, Clearance Rates, Hold Period Charts

FREE Access to Market Insights Reports

Best for investors or real estate professionals researching suburbs within a city/state boundary. All data is unmasked.

Our algorithm records property transactions continuously by monitoring more than 4,500 suburbs country-wide. The transactions are fed into a Machine Learning model to produce suburb historical trends as well as 2-year forecasts. Use our ranking system to find out which areas are growing faster than others so you can make smarter decisions about where to buy or invest your money. We’ve got all this information at your fingertips.


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