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Socio-Economic Data Toolkit


Whether you’re a policy-maker, an investor, an urban planner, or a curious citizen, our Toolkit offers valuable insights. Explore the top-performing suburbs, discover the trends at the state and regional levels, and delve into the fascinating interplay between population changes and socio-economic conditions.

Take control of your understanding of Australia’s evolving socio-economic landscape. Download our Socio-Economic Data Toolkit today for free and embark on your deep dive into the data.

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Unveil the socio-economic shifts shaping Australia with our Socio-Economic Data Toolkit. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive analysis of demographic and socio-economic changes across Australia from 2016 to 2021, revealing the multifaceted dynamics that are shaping the nation’s future.

Built on robust census data, our Toolkit takes a deep dive into the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) – IRSAD, IRSD, IEO, and IER – as well as demographic changes. Each index is presented as both a score and a decile, allowing you to compare and contrast the socio-economic conditions of different areas with ease.

Our Socio-Economic Data Toolkit comes in a user-friendly Excel dashboard format, allowing you to interact with the data and uncover the trends that are most relevant to you. Filter the data by state, region, and suburb, examine the changes in each of the SEIFA indices, and explore population shifts, all at your fingertips.


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Socio-Economic Data Toolkit