Muswellbrook Shire Council, NSW

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Suburbs/localities in this Local Government Area: Dalswinton 2328, Denman 2328, Baerami 2333, Baerami Creek 2333, Edderton 2333, Giants Creek 2328, Hebden 2330, Hollydeen 2328, Jerrys Plains 2330, Kayuga 2333, Kerrabee 2328, Mangoola 2328, Martindale 2328, Mccullys Gap 2333, Muscle Creek 2333, Muswellbrook 2333, Bengalla 2333, Sandy Hollow 2333, Widden 2328, Wybong 2333, Yarrawa 2328, Bowmans Creek 2330, Bureen 2328, Castle Rock 2333


1 thought on “Muswellbrook Shire Council, NSW”

  1. Interesting council to invest in. In addition to being within the first ten of most appealing suburbs to invest in as per HtAG Analytics, there are other reason why Muswellbrook should be considered by investors. In saying that, there are also some concerns which HtAG-ians should consider before inquiring further into Muswellbrook.

    The positive aspect of Muswellbrook is its low entry point when compared to other locations NSW forecasting high growth. Its typical price is sitting at around 345K which makes it very appealing considering the latest dramatic surge in pricing across Australia that is pushing many investors out the market. For example, Cessnock, which is also a suburb within the Hunter Region, has a typical price of around 500k.

    However, given its pricing appeal, Muswellbrook is showing higher than average crime rates when compared to NSW in general. According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Muswellbrook crime rate is higher than NSW average (per capita) in areas of assault, sexual offences, theft, malicious damage to property, disorderly conduct and drug offences. Although its crime rates are given a ‘stable’ rating, it is a concerning element that it trailblazes in many offences that can significantly impact the suburb/LGA long-term investment appeal. One good sign is that Muswellbrook is much lower than the state average in the crime rate of homicide and robbery.

    Overall, a take away from this is that before narrowing your search, it is beneficial to look at various social aspects of the particular area in question that can impact its long-term investment appeal; with crime rates being one of them.

    Happy investing HtAG-ians.

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