Waverley Council, NSW

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Suburbs included in this report: Dover Heights 2030 NSW, North Bondi 2026 NSW, Queens Park 2022 NSW, Rose Bay 2029 NSW, Vaucluse 2030 NSW, Waverley 2024 NSW, Bondi 2026 NSW, Bondi Beach 2026 NSW, Bondi Junction 2022 NSW, Bronte 2024 NSW


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  2. It is interesting that the Vaucluse market shows it will experience capital growth however the rental market or the median rent seems to be in a dramatic decline. I am guessing due to the low demand for high-value rental properties. As an investment, I guess the area will experience capital growth so it is a decent investment area however a word of caution – investors should assess how much negatively geared they will be since the rents will not have the same capacity to cover investment expenses (mortgage, repairs, vacancy rates). This means that one’s capability to maintain the investment will be reduced due to reduced cash flow coming front rents. Those who can sustain an investment in such a market should look at the cost/benefit analysis and see if their money can work harder for them in other areas.


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