Townsville City, QLD

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Suburbs included in this report: Garbutt 4814 QLD, Balgal Beach 4816 QLD, Gulliver 4812 QLD, Heatley 4814 QLD, Hermit Park 4812 QLD, Horseshoe Bay 4819 QLD, Hyde Park 4812 QLD, Idalia 4811 QLD, Jensen 4818 QLD, Kelso 4815 QLD, Kirwan 4817 QLD, Aitkenvale 4814 QLD, Mount Louisa 4814 QLD, Mount Low 4818 QLD, Mundingburra 4812 QLD, Belgian Gardens 4810 QLD, Mysterton 4812 QLD, Nelly Bay 4819 QLD, Nome 4816 QLD, North Ward 4810 QLD, Oonoonba 4811 QLD, Pallarenda 4810 QLD, Picnic Bay 4819 QLD, Pimlico 4812 QLD, Railway Estate 4810 QLD, Rangewood 4817 QLD, Rasmussen 4815 QLD, Rosslea 4812 QLD, Saunders Beach 4818 QLD, South Townsville 4810 QLD, Black River 4818 QLD, Stuart 4811 QLD, Thuringowa Central 4817 QLD, Toolakea 4818 QLD, Townsville City 4810 QLD, Bluewater 4818 QLD, Bluewater Park 4818 QLD, Vincent 4814 QLD, Bohle Plains 4817 QLD, Wulguru 4811 QLD, Yabulu 4818 QLD, Alice River 4817 QLD, Burdell 4818 QLD, Bushland Beach 4818 QLD, Castle Hill 4810 QLD, Annandale 4814 QLD, Cluden 4811 QLD, Condon 4815 QLD, Cranbrook 4814 QLD, Cungulla 4816 QLD, Arcadia 4819 QLD, Currajong 4812 QLD, Deeragun 4818 QLD


1 thought on “Townsville City, QLD”

  1. Townsville, a city transformed.


    City deals are a game changer when all three levels of government – city, state, and federal come together to invest in productivity and prosperity for a geography.

    That’s exactly what is happening with Townsville. It received it’s city deal back in 2016 and the rewards are only now set to be reaped. It includes:

    • Haughton Water Pipeline
    • Port Chanel Capacity Upgrade
    • Concerted Industrial Development
    • Preservation for Eastern Railway Corridor
    • North Queensland Stadium
    • Sun Metals Zinc Refinery


    The price growth is only just starting alongside the job creation with the completion of these long lead infrastructure projects. They are big for Townsville, and gone are the days of exclusive dependence on resources. Investors could do worse than experiencing the full upside of the property cycle in places like these.


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