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A Deep Dive into Typical Price vs. Median Price: Unlock the Secret to Smarter Property Investment

In this video, Alex Fedoseev, co-founder of HtAG Analytics, explains the concept of typical price in real estate and how it differs from median price.

[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:01:00] What is Typical Price?
[00:02:00] Refresher on Median Prices
[00:03:00] Issues with Median Prices
[00:04:00] Median Price and Composition of Sales
[00:05:00] Introducing the Typical Price
[00:06:00] Methodology of Typical Price
[00:07:00] Comparing Data Providers
[00:08:00] Median Prices
[00:09:00] Domain Median Prices
[00:10:00] HtAG Typical Price
[00:11:00] Typical Price in Lower Volume Suburbs
[00:12:00] Using Typical Price for Property Investment
[00:13:00] Typical Price Calculation per Number of Bedrooms
[00:14:00] Benefits of Typical Price per Number of Bedrooms
[00:15:00] Revisionary Nature of Typical Price
[00:16:00] Backtesting and Forecasting with Typical Price
[00:17:00] Typical Price Fluctuations
[00:18:00] Comparing Typical Price to Median Price
[00:19:00] Conclusion and Next Steps

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