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A Comprehensive Guide to Capital Growth, Number of Bedrooms, and Strategy

Video Summary:

0:00 – Introduction to searching for a property investment area based on previous search
0:20 – Explanation of standard view, advanced view, and expert view in tables
1:05 – Focusing on capital growth and searching for areas with high growth in the past
2:00 – Adding conditions for the search (e.g. 10-year growth greater than or equal to 100%)
3:00 – Narrowing down the search results and choosing a specific area (Forbes)
4:00 – Analyzing the risk score, cash flow score, and capital growth score for Forbes
5:00 – Exploring other metrics for Forbes such as rent, ownership, and property types
6:00 – Observing sporadic growth in the area and considering the potential impact
7:00 – Examining supply and demand metrics (e.g. stock on market, days on market, vacancy rates)
8:00 – Assessing the overall balance of the area and considering Forbes as a potential investment
9:00 – Deciding on the type and number of rooms for a property investment in Forbes

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