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Unlocking Capital Growth: Master the Art of Data-Driven Decision Making

Video Summary: 00:00:00 – Introduction to the video.00:00:05 – Discussing the importance of Capital Growth for decision making.00:00:14 – Explaining how one metric can help in decision making.00:00:37 – Talking about the growth in the last ten years.00:01:01 – Comparing two areas with different growth rates.00:01:55 – Expanded expert view provides more information.00:02:42 – Sorting … Read more

Mastering the Buy and Flip Property Investment Strategy: Exclusive Guide to Profit

Video Summary: 00:00 – Introduction01:00 – Importance of personal circumstances and strategy in property investment02:00 – Three aspects to consider in a buy and flip strategy: timeline, location, and price03:00 – How to use the platform to search for appropriate neighborhoods04:00 – Finding the locations that meet the criteria of the buy and flip strategy06:00 … Read more

Navigating Data and Filters for Property Investment Insights

Video summary: 0:00 – Matt introduces HtAG Analytics and the purpose of the video series.0:20 – Log into the platform and gives a quick overview of the dashboard.1:10 – Matt explains the different views available for the data table and what each view displays.2:35 – How to use the various filters and sorting options available … Read more

Data Dictionary: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Property Market Metrics

Video Summary: 00:00:00 – Introduction to the data dictionary00:00:20 – Purpose of the data dictionary in supporting the website’s features00:00:57 – Color-coded statistics representation in the data dictionary00:01:12 – How to access the data dictionary on the website00:01:30 – Definitions and favorable/neutral/unfavorable statistics for each metric00:01:39 – Continuous development and updates of the data dictionary00:01:54 … Read more

How to Print Out a PDF Report of Your Desired Suburb or LGA

Video Summary: 0:00:00 – Introduction0:00:08 – Purpose of the video0:00:45 – Locating the PDF feature on the platform0:01:00 – Generating a PDF for a council area0:01:53 – PDF content overview0:02:49 – Generating a PDF for a specific suburb0:03:32 – PDF content for a specific suburb0:04:00 – Uses of the PDF reports0:04:07 – Closing remarks

Mastering Investment Decisions: The Power of Growth Rate Cycle (GRC)

Video Summary: 0:00 – Introduction to the topic and a popular opinion regarding research0:50 – Explaining the process of selecting two different areas with stark differences (Camden and East Pilbara)1:54 – Using the website and selecting a single metric (10-year growth) to analyze investment suitability3:22 – Analyzing snapshot data of Camden and identifying it as … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Capital Growth, Number of Bedrooms, and Strategy

Video Summary: 0:00 – Introduction to searching for a property investment area based on previous search0:20 – Explanation of standard view, advanced view, and expert view in tables1:05 – Focusing on capital growth and searching for areas with high growth in the past2:00 – Adding conditions for the search (e.g. 10-year growth greater than or … Read more

Visualising Spill Over Effect and Property Demand Profile

In part 3 of our blog series, we highlighted the benefits of GRC feature. In this post we will provide an overview of the last 2 tabs on the LGA pages. Heatmap tab is a different way of presenting the GRC information in that it permits clients to look for meaningful relationships between areas and find growth clusters in terms of their rate of change. It permits for a bird’s eye view of the council area that not only highlights the geography of growth, so to speak, but also enables customers to ascertain growth corridors within a particular locality that might possess better market fundamentals and thus be of higher investment grade. The red indicates negative YoY growth while green highlights positive YoY growth.

Introduction to Growth Rate Cycles

Determining market fundamentals from ‘behaviour of the curve’ i.e. forecasts from Part 2 in this blog series is not always sufficient. It becomes pertinent only when considered alongside the rate of growth for an area. This information can be obtained from Growth Rate Cycle tab, which we will focus on in this post.

The GRC (Growth Rate Cycle) represents the rate of growth change in median value and is a little different to the ‘property clock’ which has predominantly been used by investment professionals to determine the position of the area in a cycle. The best way to highlight this difference is to explain the philosophy behind the GRC and the property clock cycle notions…

Buying properties “below market value”?

This notion has always been the gold nugget of property investing. What it essentially means is that one realizes profit or capital gain upon purchasing the property because the value for which it was acquired was less than what the property is ‘actually’ worth.

However, the term is a little obscure because the real or ‘true’ market value of a property is realized upon the sale of that property; essentially we do not know how much a property is worth and what its ‘market value’ is before it is sold.

This means that buying ‘below market value’ is more a matter of opinion than it is a matter of fact—that fact that a property sold for less than it is worth cannot be objectively determined as one has no avenue of knowing and subsequently having a widespread consensus on the plausibility of the two figures (i.e. the actual worth of a property and the selling price).

In response to the above, at HtAG, we offer a little bit of a different take on the buying below market value notion. Firstly, by focusing on real time data used in highlighting investment quality of suburbs, one deals with what has been one of the major issues with the property advisory sector, namely the gaps in the subjective opinion of advisers and the advice given on the back of conflicting interests…

HtAG Feature Plan for 2020 and Beyond

Our mission is to provide pertinent and accurate property investment data easily accessible to everyone irrespective of their property investment experience, professional background, and/or financial backing.

For this reason, we strive to think of innovative ways to present and arrange property data so that it provides more insight to our clients and assists them in making informed investment decisions. We endeavour to highlight a ‘new fond’ meaningfulness in different property data sets that were previously considered as either irrelevant or insignificant (or not significant enough).

To this end, our business modus vivendi is to arrange, organise and present data in different ways not only to highlight the potential of suburbs and LGAs but, more importantly, to provide a more attuned ‘lens’ for perceiving and understanding current and future market dynamics…

The HtAG® Service Promise

The need for HtAG arose in response to the complexity of the property investment space as well as barriers to entry for obtaining accurate and valuable information about the property market’s movements. Australian property market is comprised of a plethora of submarkets, each with its own patterns and trajectories sometimes moving to different ‘beats’ and in different directions. Organising information to compare the investment potential of these numerous submarkets is more often than not a lengthy and costly process requiring a team of professionals.