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Unlocking Capital Growth: Master the Art of Data-Driven Decision Making

Video Summary: 00:00:00 – Introduction to the video.00:00:05 – Discussing the importance of Capital Growth for decision making.00:00:14 – Explaining how one metric can help in decision making.00:00:37 – Talking about the growth in the last ten years.00:01:01 – Comparing two areas with different growth rates.00:01:55 – Expanded expert view provides more information.00:02:42 – Sorting … Read more

Mastering the Buy and Flip Property Investment Strategy: Exclusive Guide to Profit

Video Summary: 00:00 – Introduction01:00 – Importance of personal circumstances and strategy in property investment02:00 – Three aspects to consider in a buy and flip strategy: timeline, location, and price03:00 – How to use the platform to search for appropriate neighborhoods04:00 – Finding the locations that meet the criteria of the buy and flip strategy06:00 … Read more

A Deep Dive into Typical Price vs. Median Price: Unlock the Secret to Smarter Property Investment

In this video, Alex Fedoseev, co-founder of HtAG Analytics, explains the concept of typical price in real estate and how it differs from median price. [00:00:00] Introduction[00:01:00] What is Typical Price?[00:02:00] Refresher on Median Prices[00:03:00] Issues with Median Prices[00:04:00] Median Price and Composition of Sales[00:05:00] Introducing the Typical Price[00:06:00] Methodology of Typical Price[00:07:00] Comparing Data … Read more

Navigating Data and Filters for Property Investment Insights

Video summary: 0:00 – Matt introduces HtAG Analytics and the purpose of the video series.0:20 – Log into the platform and gives a quick overview of the dashboard.1:10 – Matt explains the different views available for the data table and what each view displays.2:35 – How to use the various filters and sorting options available … Read more

Data Dictionary: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Property Market Metrics

Video Summary: 00:00:00 – Introduction to the data dictionary00:00:20 – Purpose of the data dictionary in supporting the website’s features00:00:57 – Color-coded statistics representation in the data dictionary00:01:12 – How to access the data dictionary on the website00:01:30 – Definitions and favorable/neutral/unfavorable statistics for each metric00:01:39 – Continuous development and updates of the data dictionary00:01:54 … Read more

How to Print Out a PDF Report of Your Desired Suburb or LGA

Video Summary: 0:00:00 – Introduction0:00:08 – Purpose of the video0:00:45 – Locating the PDF feature on the platform0:01:00 – Generating a PDF for a council area0:01:53 – PDF content overview0:02:49 – Generating a PDF for a specific suburb0:03:32 – PDF content for a specific suburb0:04:00 – Uses of the PDF reports0:04:07 – Closing remarks

Mastering Investment Decisions: The Power of Growth Rate Cycle (GRC)

Video Summary: 0:00 – Introduction to the topic and a popular opinion regarding research0:50 – Explaining the process of selecting two different areas with stark differences (Camden and East Pilbara)1:54 – Using the website and selecting a single metric (10-year growth) to analyze investment suitability3:22 – Analyzing snapshot data of Camden and identifying it as … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Capital Growth, Number of Bedrooms, and Strategy

Video Summary: 0:00 – Introduction to searching for a property investment area based on previous search0:20 – Explanation of standard view, advanced view, and expert view in tables1:05 – Focusing on capital growth and searching for areas with high growth in the past2:00 – Adding conditions for the search (e.g. 10-year growth greater than or … Read more