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Mastering the Balance: Emotion and Logic in Property Investment Decisions

Navigating the world of property investment often feels like walking a tightrope, balancing the heart’s desires against the brain’s logic. It’s a familiar scenario for many investors — torn between the emotional pull towards owning a stunning property and the logical need to ensure it represents a sound investment. The ultimate aim? To identify the … Read more

Navigating Stage 3 Tax Changes: Impacts on the Property Market

Australia’s tax system is undergoing significant alterations that have caught many off-guard. The government has recently back-flipped on its promise. In the latest tax adjustment, the scales have tipped favourably towards lower-income individuals who stand to gain more generous tax reductions. Conversely, high-income earners will see a tapering of their tax cut benefits, signifying a … Read more

Maximise Your Property Investment Analysis with HtAG Skill Points

Are you looking to maximize your property investment strategy with cutting edge analysis and market research? Our innovative Property Investment Software, designed with users in Australia in mind, offers not only the latest data and insights but also a compelling way to save on your data costs while you learn. Discover how our unique gamification … Read more

The Comprehensive Guide for Buyers’ Agents: From Finding Properties to Building Client Relationships

In the complex world of real estate, a buyers’ agent plays a pivotal role in helping clients navigate the property market. Unlike traditional real estate agents who primarily serve sellers, a buyers’ agent focuses on the needs and interests of the buyer. From identifying suitable properties to negotiating the best deals, these agents are the … Read more

Property Investment Course Survey

We’re excited to announce that we’re developing a Property Investment Course focused on Data-Driven Market Research.

As we are preparing the course content, we want to make sure it’s perfectly aligned with YOUR needs and expectations. This is your chance to influence what goes into the course!

Please take a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire. Your responses will directly shape the course, ensuring it meets your specific challenges and goals in property investment.

Revolutionising Real Estate Data Analysis: Enriched Features in 2.6.0 Software Release

In the ever-evolving realm of prop tech, HtAG Analytics continues to take strides in ensuring our users have the most innovative and insightful features at their fingertips. With our latest software release, we’ve introduced a variety of enhancements designed to bring your data exploration to new heights. From the full deployment of our Relative Composite … Read more

What are the Most Expensive Suburbs in Australia?

Top 20 most expensive suburbs

When it comes to real estate, Australia is home to some of the most expensive suburbs in the world. From Sydney to Melbourne, Perth to Brisbane, there are suburbs that come with a hefty price tag.

Looking for a luxurious and expensive lifestyle? Then you may want to consider moving to one of the suburbs that have remained on the top of the list below over the years.

Announcing New HtAG® Team Member

We have seen a couple of very good years at HtAG. The organization has experienced substantial growth — we have gone from 200 subscribers in 2018 to an excess of 1,200 this year.

On that note, we are ecstatic to announce that Vedran Maric has been appointed to the role of Head of Finance and will be joining the HtAG board of directors.

Deep Dive into the HtAG Algorithm with the Investor Lab

Did you know that you can outperform other investors by predicting the future of the property market? What if there is a way for you to foresee how it will be doing in the next three or four years? If you are an existing HtAG subscriber you may already know that as unreal as it sounds, it is possible.

Matt and Sasha had a lot of fun chatting with Goose from the Investor Lab about machine-learning algorithm and how it’s different from AI… What makes the human element essential to this kind of technology… Why there are multiple growth drives that factor in… And lots, lots more!

In this video, we cover:

  1. The origins of Higher than Average Growth [04:49]
  2. The team behind HtAG [09:11]
  3. Using past property market performance data to predict the future [11:41]
  4. Challenges in predicting the property cycle, all variables considered [15:41]
  5. How HtAG measures accuracy [18:15]
  6. AI vs machine-learning algorithms and their roles in property investing [20:09]
  7. The downside of applying technology to property investment [25:21]
  8. The biggest drivers of the growth of an area [30:02]
  9. The future of HtAG [36:16]
  10. Data interpretation still requires a human element [37:45]
  11. The only way to get your answers would be to keep probing [41:15]
  12. To train an algorithm, you have to feed it with a good diet of healthy data [42:40]

Can you see into the future and predict real estate market trends?

AI, Machine Learning, Big Data are not only IT industry buzz words but are established technologies with real-life applications. These technologies have already solved several everyday problems in the recent decade. For example, Google Maps gets you from point A to B via an optimal route in peak traffic using Big Data and Machine Learning. … Read more

HtAG Feature Plan for 2020 and Beyond

Our mission is to provide pertinent and accurate property investment data easily accessible to everyone irrespective of their property investment experience, professional background, and/or financial backing.

For this reason, we strive to think of innovative ways to present and arrange property data so that it provides more insight to our clients and assists them in making informed investment decisions. We endeavour to highlight a ‘new fond’ meaningfulness in different property data sets that were previously considered as either irrelevant or insignificant (or not significant enough).

To this end, our business modus vivendi is to arrange, organise and present data in different ways not only to highlight the potential of suburbs and LGAs but, more importantly, to provide a more attuned ‘lens’ for perceiving and understanding current and future market dynamics…

Best Tools for Estimating your Home’s Value

The ability to appropriately estimate the value of your home can help you with determining if your investment has appreciated in value. You can use that information to inform your decision on whether to sell now or wait. If you plan to keep the property as a rental, its estimated value can also assist in calculating how much to rent it for.

The HtAG® Service Promise

The need for HtAG arose in response to the complexity of the property investment space as well as barriers to entry for obtaining accurate and valuable information about the property market’s movements. Australian property market is comprised of a plethora of submarkets, each with its own patterns and trajectories sometimes moving to different ‘beats’ and in different directions. Organising information to compare the investment potential of these numerous submarkets is more often than not a lengthy and costly process requiring a team of professionals.