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Revolutionising Real Estate Data Analysis: Enriched Features in 2.6.0 Software Release

In the ever-evolving realm of prop tech, HtAG Analytics continues to take strides in ensuring our users have the most innovative and insightful features at their fingertips.

With our latest software release, we’ve introduced a variety of enhancements designed to bring your data exploration to new heights. From the full deployment of our Relative Composite Score out of beta phase, to adjustments in our search index data based on population, each feature has been meticulously refined to offer personalised, tactical and comprehensive market insights.

This article unpacks each of these new features and highlights how they can expedite and refine your property market research process. Let’s delve into what our innovative software upgrade has in store for you.

Finalised Relative Composite Score

The Relative Composite Score (RCS) has now successfully transitioned from beta phase, with the 2018 CG RCS backtest results available for perusal. View these enlightening findings in our updated article.

Utilised since the launch of RCS in late 2022, backtesting assists in establishing effective weightings for our CG ranking system. The method analyses data over a five-year span, with the results of backtesting enables us to confidently rank markets based on a multitude of parameters.

RCS Backtest Results

Anticipate further refinement of the RCS metric as we continue to innovate and diversify the range of metrics within the HtAG Analytics dataset. You will be promptly informed of such enhancements through our monthly release notes accompanying each software update.

Affordability Index Charts

We’re excited to introduce the ‘Years to Own’ chart, or the Affordability Index, now featured in the fundamental section of all LGA and Suburb dashboards. This chart encapsulates the affordability of property ownership for respective markets.

Affordability Index Chart

A mark above the fixed 30 years to own red line signifies low affordability. Note, we allow a tolerance range of plus or minus five years around the 30 mark for the market to be deemed neutral in terms of meeting affordability requirements.

Any figure surging above 35 years is categorised as a low affordability indicator. For detailed understanding, please refer to our comprehensive article about the ‘Years to Own‘ metric.

Building Approvals Charts

In our ongoing endeavour to support adequate property market research, we’ve added a Building Approvals chart to the supply section of all LGA and Suburb dashboards.

This chart enables you to concurrently view the quantity and total dollar value of approvals per LGA or suburb. It’s important to note that suburb data is adapted from the SA2 dataset provided by ABS and is approximated based on the SA2 to suburb data match.

Building Approvals Chart

Please keep in mind that the data for building approvals experiences a delay of approximately two months, thus the chart reflects data up to one or two months prior to the current date.

Furthermore, we’ve enhanced the supply card with the ‘Building Approval Ratio’ metric. This provides the ratio of total building approvals in the past 12 months to the established dwellings in the LGA or suburb, further deepening the insights available in the supply-demand section of the dashboards.

Introduction of Strategy Filters

Strategy filters have been added to the ranking table on the main dashboard as well as all LGA dashboards on the website. The strategy filter allows you to quickly shortlist markets that potentially align with capital growth, cash flow or balanced strategies.

  • Capital Growth: Watch your growth soar with Capital Growth RCS and Lower Risk RCS >50, plus a CG Low > -5%
  • Balanced: Enjoy the perfect blend of all RCS scores >50, Gross Yield >3%, and CG Low > -5%
  • Cashflow: Optimise your cashflow with Cashflow RCS & Lower Risk RCS >50 and a Gross Yield >5%

Note that balanced and capital growth strategy filters are currently in beta phase as we are fine-tuning the ranges applied when these strategy filters are selected.

Property Investment Strategy Filters

As part of our ongoing efforts, we are currently working on introducing additional filters such as the “buy and flip” strategy. We highly value your input and invite all our subscribers to actively participate in shaping the established strategies, currently in beta phase, as well as suggesting new strategies.

Join our vibrant Facebook Community and share your valuable insights, helping us refine and diversify our offerings to better serve you.

Restructured Search Index Data

Following the integration of a supplementary data source for online searches, we’ve undergone an extensive restructuring of our search index data. The data from both sources are now combined and adjusted in accordance with population size, enhancing the precision of the search index reporting.

Buy & Rent Search Index Chart

Any values surpassing 5 indicate a search interest in a specific market that exceeds the state or city average. In a further development, we have added a ‘Search Index Card’ for the current month’s value to all LGA and Suburb dashboards, thus providing real-time engagement metrics at your fingertips.


In summary, this article has detailed the five key new or enhanced features in the latest software release. Please note that we keep you informed about the updates with our monthly release notes published at the end of each month and consistently updated on our Change Log.

We welcome your feedback, comments or queries about these or any other features – feel free to comment below.

As part of our collaborative community, we also encourage you to exchange ideas, insights and suggestions with other users on our platform, across all the dashboards on our website.

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